Friday, July 20, 2007

A course in prostitution

You may be able to study for a degree in prostitution in New Zealand.

I wonder how many jobs would be available after qualification?


Have a great weekend.

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Does the course include a final exam and what criteria would the examiners use to determine if the candidates have the requisite skills to be proficient?

You raise some important questions,ROFLMAO.

Are you putting yourself forward as an examiner?
I think there may be more people putting themselves forward as examiners than those applying for the course. I'm at the front of the queue!

B xx

I will put in a word for you.
If the course includes labs that provide practical experience, I'll volunteer as a teaching assistant.

I knew it, practical experience or you are not interested,lol.
I wonder how they will get qualified teachers for the subject if none of the teachers would be able to have a degree in the subject, as its not a subject yet?

A case of ‘Chicken before the egg’ or ‘those that cant do teach’?
Miss S,

Thank you for your comments. Yes, interesting to see what criteria the lecturers need to teach the course,lol.
I don't think any criteria is necessary except for a fine mind and a wilingness to learn rather than to judge.

I learned this from Jeanette Angell.

Jo x x
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Given the average level of attractiveness of New Zealand women I should imagine that there would be many openings for independent or group practitioners.

Curriculum would be similar to hairdresser curriculum and would include recognition of possible signs of disease, reporting regulations, elements of hygiene, security management, accounting and book-keeping, etc., etc. Hence most courses could be taught by existing lecturers in vocational subjects involving personal service, hygiene etc.
My point exactly, but put rather more succinctly !
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