Friday, November 14, 2008

The business of high end prostitution

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I wonder if Melissa was tempted herself when she found out what some escorts earned ...

She seemed very excited by it all!

B xx

PS $25000 for the weekend - I'm saving up Nia!

LMAO, That it going to be one heavy 5p piece bag you will have when you have saved up.
I do hope a "high end prostitute" will accept a big bag of 5p pieces. Do you think it will be okay Nia?

If it is too heavy I will ask some of my sub friends to help me carry them. I'm sure you and Sarah would help me carry them too.

Thank you for your concern.

B xxxx

PS Do you know how many 5p pieces I will need to make $25000? I'm a bit worried about the fall in the value of the pound.
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