Thursday, November 13, 2008

The political economy of the global sex trade

Sheila Jeffreys has a new book out, that talks about how profitable the sex trade is.

She believes prostitution is a harmful cultural practice, on a par with female genital mutilation.

Now, now Ms Jeffreys, that is one hell of a comparison. There is absolutely no way I would be working if I felt what I was doing was on a par with female genital mutilation.

She also points out in the Guardian article that women rarely make money from prostitution.

Well, all the women I know who are in the industry are making money. I have met some women who started off working in flats, and they were not complaining. Okay, I acknowledge that most of the women I know, would be considered not representative of the industry as a whole. They are escorts who charge high rates, but as far as I know most women in the industry make money.

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The practice of female genital mutilation is enforced by ignorance and pressure from a society that does not understand the basic principle of human rights.

It is generally done to little girls who have no voice, other than to scream in agony. The very people who do this are the women who have had it done to them.

They are suppressed by men, and the rules are enforced by women who should know better, but are too set in their ritualistic ways to even think it is wrong.

How on earth can this be compared to what we do?

Thank you for your comments. The way I see it, she definitely could not have sex with strangers, and I suppose getting paid for it, is like genital mutilation to her.

Each to their own,LMAO.

I am shocked at her comparison.
That may be the way she sees it, but we all look at sexuality from our own stance... some women don't even like having sex with their partner after they have got married! Is that a form of mutilation also, if he complains?.. and by the same token what about the man who marries a women in good faith only to be told that she will not have sex with him ever again after she has provided him with a baby?

To me that is a form of abuse. I wonder what she would say to that. All arguments are viable, but to compare something you have to have a yardstick of sorts!

I can pull more comparisons out of the hat but they might be equally as unfair and invalid as hers.
I'm sure this woman probably describes herself as an 'academic', and people like her give the term 'academic' a bad name! Having said that, publishers need sensational headlines, so if a so-called academic can back-up some ridiculous theory, publishers will pay good money! This woman is so out of her depth, it's embarrassing! Words are just a business. I can't believe she actually believes this crap; she probably wrote it because she has financial problems!
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