Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the clampdown on Prostitution in the UK

Niki Adams from the English collective of Prostitutes, and Jacqui Smith discuss this issue on the Radio 4 today programme.

Some important points that I am holding onto from that interview are :

  1. Control for somebody else's gain is a wide term, and could include a maid, or a prostitute's boyfriend.

  2. The controlling legislation does not require force or coercion, but simply money changing hands.

  3. The onus is on the client to ascertain whether a prostitute is being controlled by a pimp, trafficker, or drug dealer, ignorance is no defence.

  4. So part of the client's role is to enforce the law.

I wonder how clients will determine what a prostitute's circumstances are. There are cases where a prostitute says she is not trafficked, but she is, and the client will be prosecuted

Well, I don't have a pimp, I don't do drugs, and I do not have a boyfriend. I have worked as an independent since I started escorting, and will do so until I retire.

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Well, you need to advertise that you are fully legal, untrafficked, and unpimped on your Web site.

You can speculate about prosecutions but in practice prosecutors will probably only go for the most egregious cases with the best chance of succeeding, so I doubt if the "maid" has much to fear.

The boyfriend of the prostitute is another matter. Obviously in many cases the boyfriend is a pimp or is living off her earnings. Again, I would expect that only clear-cut cases would be prosecuted.

The real aim of the legislation is to scare men away from prostitution and to make it harder for trafficked or pimped women to do business. As such it should be beneficial for the legal prostitutes who will have less competition.
At the present time, there are agencies, parlours, indies like you and I... and the rest..

It's not all clear cut. Some 'indies' in my area, are actually agency girls, and not indie at all.. it just looks like that..

Some indies also work in parlours. Some indies work together doing two-girl, and then of course there are the parties..

It's as clear as mud!

If parlours get closed down and agencies get squeezed out, all the girls will become independent, and then can you imagine the furore when hundreds and thousands of new websites appear.

It's a funny old economy, is this game, a bit like swings and roundabouts with some people coining it in and not a single one of them has to drop their knickers at all.

You could say that webmasters, and advertising sites are pimps too, because without the WWW where would we be?

No matter how much they try to eradicate this industry using feeble excuses, there will always be someone making money off our backs, in one way or another. It's a question of where to draw the line, once you have started down a path of eradication, you have to reach the end of it.

It's a bit like asking how long is the piece of string.

Well, it is obvious to me that the true objective of this law is to punish and criminalize men.
Rape charges?
Are we becoming totally insane?
The only way a man can really be sure of not being prosecutef is to avoid completely prostitutes, and this reveals the true meaning of this law: a men-hating law, direct emanation of the deep feminist hatred against men and sex in general. And I would say their hatred extends also to women who have chosen this way of life. They just can't accept them, they dislike not only sex-for-money but just sex and any normal relationship between men and women. Feminists are building up a fearful police state, a tiranny based on their hate for men.
Sorry for my long comment!

Thank you for your comments.

I feel when the law is in place, advertising that I am untrafficked and unpimped may not be sufficient. Clearly, there will be others who will say the same, yet they are trafficked.

It is now up to clients to verify, whether I am what I say I am. They have to take my word for it.

You are right, the aim is to scare men off.


Thank you for your comments. Yes, the Indies who have indie sites, and are on agency sites as well. I have seen a lot of those,lol. That will have to come to an end,unless they want hassle.

These women are not Indies in the true sense of the word, when they also work for agencies and parlours.

I had forgotten about the parties. I guess the party organiser, is seen as a pimp. It does not matter if and Indie organises it, right?

Lets see what happens. Can you remember the papers who were called pimps, for putting up ads for escorts and parlours? They no longer allow these ads.


Thank you for your comments.

Yup, the law is about discouraging men to pay for sex.

I feel strongly about women who are trafficked, but not all of us are trafficked, or pimped or on drugs.
Just a thought Nia ...

Do you own your own incall premises?

If not then whoever is taking money from you for the use of those premises could be interpreted as "controlling" you - be it a friend, a colleague or a hotel. (It would be interesting to see The Hilton Hotel prosecuted for "controlling prostitutes"!!!!)

If you are "controlled" by having a landlord for your incall premises then I would be committing an offence by visiting you as a client.

As I am a friend of yours rather than a client - if I visited you as a friend at your place of work then might I be in danger of being subject to prosecution under the proposed new laws?

B xxxx

Thank you for your comments.

Well, well well. In that case my photographer, webmaster, cab driver, sites where I advertise, would all be classified as pimps, right?

Money exchanged hands, but I approached them. They did not approach me, so do they get prosecuted????

This law is taking things to another level, if that is the case.

As a friend,visiting me at my place of work. I don't see how you could be prosecuted,as money would not change hands.

I am happy to buy you lunch,lol. But I guess you can't buy me lunch as a friend, oh yes you can, because I am not on drugs, am not trafficked, and am not pimped.
You are right Nia - it is a total nonsense. But it has been for a while. These laws about controlling prostitutes have been there for some time and the issues you raise about your webmaster, photographer, etc are real. (I'm not sure about your hair stylist and manicurist though!)

You can buy me lunch any time you want Nia - but I am afraid that I may need a signed statement from you confirming that you are not trafficked or on drugs or have a pimp before I can buy you lunch again.


B xxxx

My hair stylist,manicurist,and the lovely woman who does my eyebrows, cannot escape. I guess the shops where I buy my lingerie, are guilty too.

I will have my signed statement ready, when we have lunch next,lol.
Why not go the whole hog and sign a register each time we buy condoms, promising we are only using them for personal enjoyment, thus exonerating the condom manufacturer from any form of pimping responsibility?

The list of people who will be prosecuted under this controlling legislation will be amazing.

Your hairstylist,beautician,dog walker, plumber at your flat, sex shop.

Some of these people have no idea we are escorts, and yet they risk prosecution, as money has exchanged hands.
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