Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nia dark and Lovely people watching in London today

I was heading home from work this afternoon,as civvie Nia, not Black London escort Nia. On my way there, I walked passed the Lanesborough hotel, and noticed the paparazzi. I was curious, so asked some of them, who they were waiting for.

They were waiting for Wacko Jacko I have just looked at the urban dictionary definition and it is not quite what I expected.

I have a few of Michael's albums, Off the Wall, Thriller, and Bad. I have never felt that I wanted to go and see him in concert. So, I don't really feel I am one of his fans.

That said, I waited outside the hotel with the Paparazzi and his fans to see if I could get a glimpse of him. It gave me some insight into what the paparazzi and his fans experience. I had a number of conversations with some of the paparazzi. Within half an hour of me standing on a plant pot(it took my weight) at the Lanesborough, he came out. The commotion that took place was unbelievable. The paparazzi are like a bunch of vultures.

I can't remember what happened, whether the minibus that Michael and his entourage were taking to the 02 arena, had the back door open; or whether the paparazzi opened it. Anyway, the door was open, and the paparazzi, were flashing their cameras like there was no tomorrow. The security could not do much for a while, it was amusing to watch.

I must say that all the security were proper hunks with lots and lots of muscle. All men in Black not wearing Armani suits.

I felt sorry for the fans, as the paparazzi got in their way, and some of them didn't get any photos. Poor things had been at the hotel all day waiting.

Something that I have been aware of for many years, is that total strangers, are able to give me confidential information, without me having to ask any questions. Someone in the know,who I had noticed when all the commotion was going on, gave me the lowdown on what happened behind closed doors. I am not easily shocked, but she shocked me.

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I have been given confidential information by clients in the same way Nia.. gossip about celebrities.. stuff I would rather have not been told.
Some people whom you thought were lovely people are actually not...LOL.. and vice versa!
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