Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Never again

I will never have to set my eyes on mad boss again. Today was my last day. She stayed behind to say goodbye. The woman is something else, she told me that I was one of the nicest people that she had ever met in her life. I had to restrain myself for a minute. All that she put me through, she clearly lives on another planet.

I was overwhelmed by the feedback,and gifts I received from the team.Two colleagues baked cakes, and biscuits. It was so sweet. You all know how I love my food.

Since I started at the new job, I have let go of various pieces of work. There are not enough hours in the day, and I found myself shattered at the end of the week. I recognise I am fortunate during these hard times, but if I had carried on with everything, I would become ill.

It has been an experience with that nutter, but I have met some good people within that organisation.

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You are such a lovely woman. Do you know that?

I am not surprised at anything you have said. I wish I was as able as you to deal with problematic people and what seem to be impossible situations.

I do not see enough of you, nor hear enough of your lovely velvety voice!

I aim to remedy that very soon!

Now perhaps you can relax a little more?

S x x

You are so good to me, and you know I think you are one of a kind.

I know if we did not live so far away from each other, we would see more of each other.

We must arrange another sight seeing/restaurant/shopping trip soon.

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