Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch with Beau

I have just come back from lunch with Beau.

He had asked me to guess what his handle was on the Punternet Messageboard, and I guessed it right away from his writing style, so he promised to buy me lunch when he was next in London.

As I mentioned here Beau and I have a unique relationship,as I have never been in this situation with any of my clients. He was a client, and we both decided because of our friendship not to have sex together. As we both normally would not sleep with our friends. The friendship that I have with Beau has evolved, and we are able to share our feelings about life, our families, friends, backgrounds and all that stuff, and we are in contact several times a week. He is such a warm, kind, compassionate, sensitive man.

I never took Beau's blog seriously, and thought that he wrote it for fun, and didn't believe for a minute that he was interested in BDSM. There was no hint of it in our meeting, and he never discussed it, and then I saw his blog, but thought it was fun. That was until Beau started to recount some salacious stories, that got me thinking . I realised that he was serious. BDSM is not my thing at all, I am as vanilla as you can get, and Beau loves to wind me up about this, which is funny. I refer to him as Master Beau, and he refers to me as Vaniaa. He has educated me, and I have more insight into his fetish.

We met for lunch, but Beau wanted to take me to Waterstones to show me a book before lunch. You all know I cannot go into a bookshop without buying a book. I had no idea what Beau wanted to show me . Surprise surprise, a BDSM book that had been banned in the sixties.

We had a great lunch, with the people on both sides of our table leaning back to listen to Beau's salacious stories. Thanks for lunch and the chocolates Beau.

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How dare you Not give us the title of the book!

You have a clue, so guess,if you get it wrong I will tell you.
Thank you Nia. It was lovely to meet up again. We'll have to try not to leave it such a long time until our next lunch.

B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

there is no such thing as a free lunch.....


Sarah x x x

*waves to Beau*
*Waves back to Sarah*

I'm sure you owe me lunch Sarah!

B xxxx
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