Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter weekend meeting Sarah Summers

I met Sarah Summers yesterday, as she was passing through London for a few hours. We last saw each other eight months ago. Yesterday was brief but well worth it. Sarah is one of the few escort friends that I have.

Sarah is one of the kindest escorts that I have ever come across, who never fails to make me laugh. We had so much catching up to do, exchanged bad client lists, and shared some of the difficult stuff we have gone through as escorts, since we last met.

One of the themes of the discussion yesterday was the illusion of passion in the escort industry, and regular clients a mixed blessing .

Sarah and I have got ourselves into pickles over the years, with clients. I recognise that it is inevitable in this industry.One of the things that I love about Sarah, is that we can laugh about stuff, that is challenging, and are able to support each other.

I have just got back from the supermarket. A man came up to me, as I was shopping and asked me whether I wanted a massage. I thought he was weird, and wondered why he had approached me, as I was in grunge mode. He had no name label on his clothing, and I could not figure out why he had asked me whether I wanted a massage. It turns out he was working in the supermarket, and was offering a shiatsu walk in back, neck and shoulder massage. It was my lucky day I guess, as he offered me a free trial, which I accepted. The last massage I had a few weeks ago, had sex tagged onto it. I am not complaining.

So he placed his hands on my neck, and my body went into relax mode. I just love massages. After the free trial, he offered me a paid session which I took up, and gave him a tip which surprised him.It felt weird having a massage from a man, and not having sex attached to it.

What has my life become?

Hope you had a good easter, and have a good week.

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Friends are valuable, Nia, because true ones are rare I think.

It is rare to meet someone who is both on the same wavelength and can be trusted.

I only have a handful; funnily enough one is a Working Girl LOL.

I go to a physio for a massage sometimes..........and enjoy a sensual massage without sex too LOL........the masseuse is attractive so I fantasise while I'm being gently caressed.

I find it quite a tease........hmmm.....maybe I should go there before I see that WG; that would be fun.

Take care Nia.

Grumpy Old Man

Thank you for your comments. Yes true friends are rare. In this industry it is hard to find true friends.

Maybe I will try fantasising when I have my next back rub,lol. No, I do enough of that already.

What I need is a full body massage with no sex, must book that this week.

Take care
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