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Between me, you and the bedpost a selling point in the Escort industry

I read this article in the Guardian last week, that raises some interesting points about why some people are interested in how many partners we have slept with.

I had a few ex partners who asked me this question, before I became an escort. I told them the truth, and wish I hadn't. As they all expected the number to be two or less. The study in the article shows that lots of people lie when asked this question. Interesting that some of the respondents in the survey didn't mind being asked the question, but were not prepared to answer it.

I can draw a parallel in the escort industry with clients who want to know how many clients an escort has in a given day. My view on this is, they are trying to establish whether the escort is a conveyor belt.

Some escorts go to great pains to advertise that they only see one client a day. I think that this can be seen as a good marketing strategy. Some clients believe them.


The reality is ,that there are a number of escorts out there who claim to see one client a day, to their clients, but the reality is different when they discuss this among escort friends. They tell their clients what they want to hear.

I find the question offensive, as I believe the only person who has the right to ask me that question is a pimp or escort agency manager.

A friend of mine runs an escort agency, and gave one of her girls a booking. The escort rang the client to say that she was running late. The client asked her why, and she told him that she was coming from another booking. The client cancelled the booking. My friend flipped. She told the escort never to tell clients that she had just come from a booking.

I am not suggesting that there are not escorts out there who only see one client a day, however I believe they are in a minority.

Some clients care, and some don't who tend to be realistic, in my view.

I guess it is all part of the fantasy, that some want an escort to be exclusive. Whatever exclusive means in the escort industry.


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I would not care if an escort had more than one booking per day, as long as I was the first!

Men don't want to be kissing lips tht have been kissed by another man very recently, and they want a woman to be sexually arousable. A woman who has not seen a client for a couple of weeks would be ideal.

Thank you for your comments.

I like to be my doctor and dentist's first client, too. Not the same, but I want them to be alert when they see me.

The question is how will you determine whether a woman has not seen a client for a couple of weeks?

I understand this would be ideal for you.
I'd prefer to be the only oone that day but am realistic enough to know it is a business.

Anyway, I tend to go for longer bookings plonked in the middle of the day time would be an issue for her.

.........and as long as I'm the most FUN booking; well that'll do for me he he
When I worked for an agency, I was popular and saw on average between two and four men a day, sometimes less, and sometimes more. The boss never admitted I had seen other men because punters do not like it.

If I was running late, I had "just finished my shift" at the hospital...

When I became an indie, I still saw several men per day, but did not have a go between to lie for me. How refreshing.

Now I am an indie on incalls, seeing around one men per day, sometimes two, but surprisingly, some of my clients who used to see me on outcall will not see me anymore because THEY think I am now seeing oodles of men in my flat.

We just can't win...LOL
I would ask the woman when she last had a client, and she would answer, probably untruthfully. Then I would make a determination as to whether she was telling the truth and I would believe what I believed. Or not, as the case may be.

If I picked her up at the exit gate of a prison, she might be a good bet!!

If she said she had no sex for two weeks, but had another man's come in her hair, I would probably doubt her veracity.

Thank you for your comments. I imagine that you might be her first client of the day. Long booking plonked in the middle is a good tactic,lol.


Thank you for your comments. Just finished your shift at the hospital,ROFLMAO. I'll steal your line, but then I don't need to, as I don't lie.

Funny that, if we provide incalls some people think we see oodles of men. We go back to perception and reality.

LOL@anonymous, yes cum in her hair is a dead give away.
LOL Nia.

I don't do that as a tactic; it's just my favourite time of day; about midday or so.

I never ask if she's got another booking before or after; not my business. If we talk about it, it'll be in more general terms. I know she doesn't beforehand as she's usually late getting to her flat LOL

But after?..........Rarely, if at all, although last time I gave her the option to start earlier if she wished to avoid traffic afterwards.

She took it up but then kept insisting that she was "going straight home" afterwards (never done that before)......and seemed just a little more distracted than normal at the end too.

It did make me wonder........and smile.

I wouldn't have minded too I said before; as long as I'm the most fun LOL
I understand (and share to some degree) the interest when first deciding whether to schedule with a lady whom I've not seen before. It's not as much about exclusivity as it is a rough rule of thumb about the likely quality of our time together.

As you put it, "I want them to be alert when they see me." Obviously there are exceptions, but it's at least somewhat more likely that a lady will be fresh and emotionally "into" our time together if she's seeing 2 or 3 clients a day than if she's seeing 6 or 8. The latter I would expect to not be able to put as much of herself into the session; I would expect the session would be more likely to be a bit . . . lackluster, I guess. It's just difficult to be "emotionally up" that frequently during the day, without recharging. Isn't it?

Of course, those are generalities only. Some ladies provide a lackluster session even if they only schedule one client per day, and some ladies are able to give their all even with 6 or 8 clients or day.


Thank you for your comments. I understand what you are saying.

I think if I were in your shoes,lol, I might book at the start of the day.

You are right there are some escorts out there, who are able to give a quality service, regardless of how many people they see. I happen to know a few,lol.
Sensitive topic.

I've had Ladies visiting who visibly and admittedly came off-shift. A few of them were exhausted, and some were way to "professoinal". It set me off the full-time professionals.
Some were Very Good Still.

Nowadays, I select based on "availability" calendars and gut-feeling. Part-time Ladies, on evening-shift, tend to deliver the Best Service.

One day, I booked late and on impulse, and the Agy could dispatch my Favorite, but admitted she just came off another visit. The meeting was slightly less sparky, but it was an excellent chance for me to show her that I really cared. Turned out Brilliant in the end.

I'm not going to repeat my pref for part-time, mature Ladies all over again, but part of their attraction is that I'm probably the first and only client ...
Reply to Ptr....

Quote -I'm not going to repeat my pref for part-time, mature Ladies all over again, but part of their attraction is that I'm probably the first and only client ...

When I worked for the agency, I was the most popular lady on their books.. not the oldest but deffo not the youngest by a long chalk.... this was why the boss invented the lie about me coming off the nursing shift...

I would say that the older ladies are possibly the most busy not only because they bring clients to the agency, but because they build up regulars which the younger ones simply do not do unless they are extraordinary.

So when you are seeing your older lady and have that smug look on your face because you think you are her only client... think on!
Grinning at Sarah, and smug look duly removed from face.

Nice to see you back again!

But no matter what goes on behind the scenes of an Agy, I did find that my "criteria for selecting The Right Lady" seem to work - as in delivering the best Meetings.

And I concur with you that the "more mature" ladies are The Best in many respects - at least for what I seem to be looking for.

(* ptr now respectfully bows away to give Sarah the last word *)
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