Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time waits for noone

My colleague died this morning. He felt unwell on Thursday, and went into hospital on Friday. He was in a coma on Saturday, and on life support until this morning.

My thoughts are with his family. His eldest child is eight years old.

It has all happened so quickly, I am so shocked. He was in his mid forties, and gone.

My last memory of him, was joking around on Thursday, little did I know, that I would never see him again.

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Another close online friend has also had two bereavements recently.

It is all so more shocking when so unexpected.

It reminds us all of our own mortality.

B xx
Events like that make you realise that everything life offers has to be grasped, otherwise you may never get another chance.

At least you have a good memory of him; although a sudden death like that is a horror for those close.

Thank you for your comments. It is shocking, and happened so fast.It is a wake up call.


Thank you for your comments. His death has got me thinking, about how I live my life. I do this when anyone I know dies. I feel for his family.
Sorry to read this Nia. It is hard to come to terms with this kind of thing because it is not the norm. ( as in - everyday humdrum of life)

When something like this happens it throws your life completely out of sync

Stay strong. I am thinking of you. Jo x x

Thank you for your comments. The funeral is tomorrow, but as he was Muslim, it is men only.
It's tough on the family when a parent dies so young and suddenly. I have just had a new child and I would hate to think about him growing up without me. I feel for his family.

Thank you for your comments. It is very tough on the family. His wife does not work, and never has.
Oh Nia I am so sorry and also sorry for his family too even though I dont know them it is not hard for me to be sympathetic to others in their grief.

I light candles for those people that are close to my friends and family who have passed over, i dont know why I just always have and recently have had to do that for a friend of mine many miles away who has just lost her mother.

Glad you had a good memeory of him, like i did when my collegue passed one xmas after a staff party we were all singing along to this one song we realised we all loved and then I bid him farewell and wished him a god xmas... he died that night in a road accident.

But i think of him especially when I hear that song by angie stone... "wish i didnt miss you" it was the song we sang til we were horse LOL (the night he died.)


Thank you for your comments. I light candles too. I am sorry about your friend.
This is so sad Nia - I am so very sorry. There is no easy way to lose a friend, but I think when it's so sudden it makes it so much worse.

Our time runs out so abruptly. If there is one thing that life has taught me it is to say the things that matter now, because there might not be a tomorrow.

You are in my prayers, as are your colleague and his family and especially his son...

Livvy xxx
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