Monday, October 08, 2007

Escorts and clients falling in love

I am sorry that I have not blogged for a while. I have been struggling with some issues in my personal life, that took over.

I came across escorts and clients mixing business and pleasure, and feel that the article raises some important points.

More on this in my post on love
and confusing friendship with business.

I had lunch with two escorts yesterday, who are both getting married to clients this year. So for all the cynics out there, it happens.

Have a good week!

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As always, interesting subject. :)

"Ultimately, clients and escorts alike should remember that being an escort or prostitute is just a job. The very nature of escorting and prostitution means that there's a fine line between business and pleasure. To avoid complications, you must never forget that your time together is anything other than a professional transaction."

"Just another job" is true, and also something that many people forget. Think of it this way -- would we try to make other business relationships into more? Sometimes that happens and works out, but often it's not feasible for a variety of reasons.

Same with escorts and clients.


This subject is on the boards all the time,lol.

I have had business relationships outside escorting that have developed into something more.

You are right, there is a fine line, and it can get complicated.

I have tales to tell of the messes I have found myself in,lol.
We may be escorts and clients, but we are human too, and as such we have faults.

We make the same mistakes as everyone else, even though we are supposed to be professional. We should not beat ourselves up about it either. On the contrary, it proves we are not hard and money orientated as a lot of people accuse us of being ( I am talking about WG's here)

I have a WG friend who will be getting married to an ex client this year. They are very happy and she is still working.
Hi Nia

I read your blog and like it.

I see WGs who I regard as kind of friends; one in particular.

My way of dealing with it is to always have the financial side of it in my mind and limit my contact to e-mail and pms.

I'd never dream of asking for unpaid time and also balk at phoning except on "visiting" days.

I also see a small number of girls regularly but keep a fair gap between each meeting. That makes each one a bit special without it feeling like a habit and stops me getting too attached to one individual whilst maintaining the "realtionship".

If I saw just one girl I'd be vulnerable.........all those I see are lovely and lovable.

Each person has to find their own way of dealing with the risks of this; whichever side of the fence you are on and depending on how detached you can be.

I cannot be very detached emotionally so I need to keep a physical detachment.

I hope that makes sense.
"Escorts and clients falling in love" ...

Now how long have you got? Just settle down comfortably and I'll begin ...


B xxxx

Thank you for your comments. There are a number of people out there, who forget we are human.

Grumpy Old Man,

Thank you for stopping by. It sounds like you have a healthy relationship with the escorts you see. I think knowing what our vulnerabilities are helps, in this industry.


I am waiting for you to begin,lol.
So am I !

"waiting for me to begin ..."

I've got most of the story published elsewhere now in a rather coded form. I'll give you the link when it is finished!

B xx

Good post and good links.

Myself, I have to be very careful not to develop too much feelings for certain Ladies. They can Very Nice Persons, but I full well realize I never know the whole story. And I dont want it to develop into a "mistress relation". I had one lady suggest that to me. Sorry Too risky!

Funny, at the same time you posted this, There is this post and comment at Chevalier.

And it made me think: As Escorting or "paid companionship" becomes more accepted and mainstream, it may become both a "temp job" and a form of hassle-free "dateing".

Still, I would hesitate to recommend this job to just anyone.
Hi Peter,

Thank you for your comments.

I can see how feelings are developed when you see someone regularly.

I agree, I do not think that most women can do this job.
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