Monday, September 10, 2007

Men who buy sex in the UK could face prosecution

Ministers are considering proposals to prosecute men for buying sex. The discussion is considering criminalising the purchase rather than the sale of sex.

Denis MacShane MP, a former minister and campaigner against sex trafficking, added: "Until you have the Wilberforce moment when you say those who buy [sex] are just as guilty as those who are selling [women], it will continue to grow. It's not until there is a regular flow of men before the courts because they have paid for sex with illegally trafficked sex slaves that we will see a change in culture."

This is following in the footsteps of the 1999 Swedish Law on Prostitution.

The Norweigans wanted to make similar changes.

These are changing times.

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Update 16/09

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It is illegal for a woman to solicit for sex in a public place but also now illegal for men to "kerb crawl" looking for paid sex.

It is not illegal to sell or pay for sex in a private place if there is not more than one woman working there.

It may be immoral for both but surely that is a matter for each of them.

If a "trafficked" woman is forced to have sex against her will then there are already a number of laws to address this. If a client knew the woman was having sex against her will he could be charged with rape.

I am sure part of this is a well meaning attempt to help save and support women who are trafficked for sex. However there are arguments that much of this is economic migrancy rather than kidnap and rape.

This was all looked into very recently in the UK in an enquiry and report into prostituton. The Swedish model was looked at but I think rejected. What is the point of such work if enquiry, analysis and conclusions are ignored and instead prejudice and emotional stances hold sway?

The practicalities of this could also be interesting. If I take a woman out and buy her an expensive dinner before having sex - have I paid for sex? What if I buy her an expensive present? A foreign holiday? An offer of marriage????


Thank you for your comments. I wonder what will happen. I believe the Swedish model has not worked.

The think tanks seem to change all the time.

You tell me, Beau, when you take a woman out to dinner, are you paying for her dinner or sex,ROFLMAO.
The last time I had dinner with an escort she paid for the dinner and I paid for the sex!

I don't recollect ever having received sex because I'd paid for dinner - or any other gifts come to that. Perhaps I'm not a big enough spender! Have you ever felt enticed into sex (outside of escorting) because a man has spent a lot on an evening out and/or gifts

B xx

Thank you for your comments. That sounds like a good relationship that you have with your escort.

*runs for cover*

The men who have taken me to dinner, or paid for gifts, are usually men who I am in relationship with.

The sex is guaranteed if we are in a relationship.
these sites should be of interest

Thank you for stopping by, and thank you for those links. They are useful.
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