Monday, September 03, 2007

Another strike

I had no idea that there was another tube strike starting in London this evening.

Fortunately, a friend mentioned it, in the course of the day at work. It messed up my day, as I had meetings this evening (day job). I had to cancel everything, and make sure I could get home in time.

Apparently the strike is on until Friday morning, and I have had to cancel more work. Yet another inconvenience, can someone please give these guys what they want.

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Strikes really suck and the worst part about all of this is, mass transportation is a necessity and should be available all the time. After all, it reduces pollution, congestion and gives us a break from driving; if that is an option. So, as in Italy, when there is a strike, those striking are hurting their neighbors, their colleagues, friends etc. It is a hit against the powers that be however they hardly feel it compared to the small fries.
Simply Alexa,

Thank you for your comments. I am so pissed off. It has messed up my whole week. I take it for granted.
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