Monday, August 13, 2007

Cop caught dogging with prostitutes

Kinky PC Joe Pierce, is in the doghouse. He was caught dogging

with two prostitutes,in Chesire while he was on duty.

I wonder how he could do this, while he was on duty, as the maximum sentence for misconduct in a public office is life imprisonment.

Have a good week.

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It sounds to me from reading the article that the poor man was grassed up by his dogging friends. If the photos were posted to a dodgy site, how else earth did he get found out? If they didn't grass him up then one of his colleagues must have been "browsing" then?

What a shame. I expect he was a good policeman, if there is such a thing these days....

It sounds like he was grassed up. However, I think he took a big risk dogging while he was on duty.
I think anyone who does this is taking a huge risk Nia!

You know, what makes me smile is that these people probably join in with the rest of society in looking down on "paid for" sex !
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