Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekend of Prayer for victims of Sex trafficking

The Salvation army and the CWA have called for a weekend of prayer for victims of sex trafficking.

Spare a few minutes to say a prayer for anyone who has been, or is in this situation.

On Tuesday Cambridgeshire police started Operation Radium, a total crackdown on Sex Slavery.It will focus on 100 brothels in Cambridgeshire.


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Have a great weekend.

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Just my own thoughts on this. Recently, certainly within the past twelve months or so, the Police and Immigration had a "crackdown" in Leeds. Some parlours were raided and some people had their parlours closed down and I believe one or two persons of dubious nature are now enjoying long holidays at the pleasure of her Majesty.......

However, all brothels are illegal, and I find some of the comments made by the head of the force's Serious and Organised Crime Unit, Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fullwood, to be misleading.

"But we know that many brothels operate under the guise of other businesses, or they may just be ordinary-looking homes in quiet, residential neighbourhoods.

"This is where the public can be our eyes and ears. People see and hear things in the streets where they live.

"A brothel in any community, obvious or not, is a magnet for those involved in other crime such as robbery and drugs dealing."

ALL brothels operate in this way. they have to. They call themselves massage and sauna. A friend of mine - an ex working girl has such a premises, she simply carried on from where she worked - when she retired she kept the premises and has girls working there. English girls, girls who want to be there because she is a good person to work with. She has encouraged all of them to pay tax and they use her accountant.

When immigration raided the premises thy made threats, but were astonished to find that she is about as above board as anyone could possibly be.

Not all brothels are evil places. They provide shelter and safety for girls who may otherwise be pimped on the streets.

My point is, that not everyone is involved in trafficking, and as much as we would like to see it stamped out, there are others who will and do suffer as a result of hysteria by the press, misinformation by the police, who always expect us to believe they are doing more than they admit to, and the few people who mind their own business and quietly get on with their lives can be made to suffer.

Thank you for your comments and giving another side of the story.

I have heard some horror stories in London,though.

I know that not all brothels are evil places as you point out.
Hi Nia!
Thank you for adding me. :-)) I love your site and particularly liked your weekend prayer.

Mille grazie!
Well, can't you write about the horror stories you have heard about in London? That would be interesting.
Simply Alexa,

Thank you for adding me:).

Entre Amigos,

I could write about the horror stories, however I do not feel it is appropriate to share that type of information on the world wide web.

I am sure that you can figure out why!

*wonders what planet Entre Amigos is on*
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