Monday, August 27, 2007

Notting hill carnival

I went to Notting hill Carnival yesterday, with some friends and their children.

The last time I was at Notting hill carnival, was six years ago. It was a nightmare tracking my friends down,as we could not hear each other on our mobiles, with all the noise. I suggest texts if you are trying to get hold of anyone at Carnival.

The weather was great, and I found a good sound system, while I was waiting for my friends. The DJ's were playing some good tunes,R&B,
Hip Hop
Calypso and Jungle.

The vibe was great, and I am going back again today. Off to shake my fat ass.

Have a great week.

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Well? Did you shake your Phat Ass then??


You know the answer to that! I got groped too,lol. The place was full of yummy yummy men.
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