Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lost for words

I had a staff member call me yesterday, to arrange a meeting. She is paying her way through college. She called to update me on how things were,and was pretty stressed.Her fees for college have increased. She said that she did not know how she would pay her fees, and was considering becoming an escort.

Fortunately, this conversation was over the phone. I paused, and we both started giggling. She asked me what I thought about her becoming an escort. I told her that I was not there to judge, but it may be useful to share that with her course coordinator, so that he had some idea of what she was willing to do to raise her fees. I suggested that it may be something that she could bring up, at a students meeting.

More giggles. She thanked me for listening, and said she felt really comfortable talking to me.

If only she knew!

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I think this is probably the main reason for most girls who do this job, and is also the worst.

A catch 22 situation.
This was cute and ironic!

And I agree that this is probably a common reason escorts get started, and not the best reason.

Thank you for your comments. It is true, there are loads of escorts out there who are students.

Dr Pepper,

Thank you for your comments. Right on my doorstep,lol.
I certainly agree, it's far from the best when it is the only reason - but I am just not sure that is indeed the case.

I think it's the easiest reason to talk to other people about. But there are many people out there in tough financial situation who do not consider the same thing. It takes certain personality disposition - sexual curiousity, attitude to men and guts - to seriously think about escorting.

For myself, despite the curiousity about sex industry that lasted for years, I doubt I would have crossed the line were it not for financial pressure. I certainly never expected to find what I found because general public has no idea about it.

Thank you for your comments. I share your views. Some women would not cross this line at all.

I would not have started escorting either, had it not been for financial pressures.
Maybe she does know. Did that not occur to you?
Entre Amigos,

Thank you for your comments. No, it did not occur to me, as I think she would have started to treat me differently, if she knew.
"But there are many people out there in tough financial situation who do not consider the same thing. It takes certain personality disposition - sexual curiousity, attitude to men and guts - to seriously think about escorting."

And similar comments by Joanne and Nia.

I believe it is a very demanding profession, that requires very special qualities for outstanding performance, and also something that not everyone will enjoy doing. But I imagine there is still a strong stereotype/stigma component of ladies' reluctance to cross the line. After all, when financial pressures come to bear, most of us do not look at a prospective source of income and spend much time worrying about "Would I be good at this job? Would I enjoy this job?" We grab any available well-paying job, and then keep our eyes out for anything more suitable.

But this is all just speculation and hypothesis. :)

To Chevalier, when you talk about outstanding performance, you obviously mean the ladies who put their all into the job in hand... I consider myself to be in this category and regularly suffer from burnout, and increasingly so.

There is a price to pay for doing this work. You do not understand until you have a good few clients under your belt, and by then its a fait accompli

I do recognize and try to be sympathetic about the "price to be paid" -- without veering to the other extreme of thinking that the experience is always and unremittingly horrible. That would discourage me from participating at all. :) Of course I can never put myself entirely in the shoes of any of the ladies in this business. Imagination has its limitations, at least in my case.

Hear Twilight Zone music in the background.

And how sad that we have to protect ourselves so much that you didn't feel safe enough to share who you are with her. I wish things were different in the world..totally understand that you wouldn't and wouldn't it have been wonderful if we felt like we could?

Thank you for your comments.

It is sad. I am upfront, and like to be honest . However, as you know, the impact of sharing this with her would have been disastrous.
Nia and others,

I have been contemplating a post on how Escorting is "The new Temp-Job".

In general, my impression of the Ladies in this industry is quite positive.
I seem to meet Ladies who are fairly happy, confident doing the job, and who get along quite nicely.

But I have for a while been oogling "compartments" and a few other more "blunt" and possibly realistic blogs. I have discussed the topic with one particularly experienced Lady and she hesitated: "If you are not strong, This job will do your head in."

Doing research, I came across
This post by collegecallgirl.
Quite Sobering.

Given that CC works in the US, and the situation is different there, but some of it may apply to the UK situation.
In the UK, some elder women seem to remember "going on the game" was reasonably accepted during and
just after WWII, and they did not want to put a stigma on Escorts for that reason.

I also cannot help noticing that notably many student-escorts seem to come and go rapidly, and many of those are at least a bit awkward about what they do. Those students that seem to succeed tend to be the ones that also have another job on the side, or at least have working-experience
outside the Escorting industry. E.g. they have already been more exposed to real-life.
I've also met one Lady who Deliberately Stopped escorting when she had her appartment and a little nest-egg sorted and went back to school. She found she was Extremely good at her (emergency-escape-) Escorting-job, but after an enthusiastic start (wow, this works!) within two months or so she knew felt "the rat" and set herself a goal to get out. Her agent was fully cooperative in this, btw. She left about a year ago, with, AFAIK, Great Success (and didnt want it shouted about or written down, so no pointers!)

Opinions ?

Thank you for your comments. I think escorts have a mix of experiences, in this industry.

I know some, who have never had any problems. I would not tell anyone that it is a bed of roses, as I do not believe it is.

Yes, College call girl's post is honest, and parts of it are unsettling.

I agree, anyone who works in this industry, needs to have a strong head on their shoulders. There will be challenges from clients and other escorts.

I have mentioned this before, that it is important to have another job. I do not believe that working round the clock, and getting consumed by this industry is healthy.
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