Thursday, August 16, 2007

Convicted working girls jailed if they do not attend counselling

Will jailing prostitutes help anyone?

It will act as a deterrent for some women,but I wonder what effect it will have in the long run.

I have my doubts about involuntary counselling. I wonder how it can be of use, when it is forced for sexworkers, and then there is a threat of imprisonment if they do not attend.

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Once again, the whole of the industry is being hung drawn and quartered by what happens with only one aspect of prostitution. The street.

If they stopped and thought about it, they would realise that street workers do not want to be there. the conditions for working are the very worst, and the girls are unsafe.

If they imprison these girls, the first thing they will do when they get out is go straight back onto the street. Heroin addiction is not something they can cure in a few weeks. It can take three years for someone to get clean, and even then, they need constant support.

Prostitution has nothing to do with it. Its a vehicle to pay for the drugs. If there was a better way, these girls would be there instead.

Damn Anne Widdecombe.
I think the three day jail thing is just a big stick to make sure that the women show up at the counselling sessions, with the hope that it is not necessary to use it.

The abusive boyfriend, husband etc. is more likely to let her attend if the alternative is jail. It means she cannot profit from working on the street instead of attending the counselling.

Compulsory counselling may not be much good, but it depends on the skill of the counsellors. Given that many of these women have abusive pasts, it gives the counsellors a chance to make contact and form a relationship with these women that may not just be confined to a few hours of mandatory attendance. Many of these women would probably benefit tremendously from having a responsible, caring adult on their case.
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