Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Joining the Entertainment Corporation

Anonymous left a comment on the Intimidated Brazilian prostitutes post.

On the other hand, do you know how often this type of situtation rises amongs Escorts? and how do they deal with police? i have been reading quite a lot blogs tring to find out Escort/police 'relationship' but mainly what i found is in USA, where police pretend to be 'customers' so to arrest. would you give me a glimpse at this side of the job, as i am in a situation that financially i have to join in the 'Entertainment Coorporation'. I would certainly appreciate your feedback.

I am afraid I do not have that much feedback to give.

I have only needed to contact the police once while I have been escorting. I had a stalker client, and they were helpful, in stopping the whole situtation.

I have an escort friend who went on a booking, and her client wanted the money back. He would not let her leave his house. She called the police, and she was paid and left.

Those are the only examples I have. As you point out, it is different in the USA, as it is illegal.

Hopefully, some of my readers may be able to give you some other examples.

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Escort-Police relations.

I'm always surprised how every 2nd Lady claims to have a policeman or even an Inspector or Superintendent as a "regular".
Either Policemen are high-volume "users", or the Ladies seek them out, or it is a good warning tale. Or all of the above applies.

I tend to reply that I find that reassuring but that I'd rather not want her to talk about her clients. The Lady will then generally assure me she is Extremely Discreet, and "nothing leaves this room".
thanks for your feedback. apreciated.
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