Sunday, September 02, 2007

Intimidated Brazilian prostitutes in London drop court case

This is an interesting story.

It is great that they went to the police after they had been assaulted, but power talks.

My hunch is that these escorts are not open about what they do. They realise that they have been filmed. threatened with more violence too.

Is it worth it?

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hi there, that is said that powers talk to much. first i agree that such a man should not be granted visa here for a start.

on the other hand, do you know how often this type of situtation rises amongs Escorts? and how do they deal with police? i have been reading quite a lot blogs tring to find out Escort/police 'relationship' but mainly what i found is in USA, where police pretend to be 'customers' so to arrest. would you give me a glimpse at this side of the job, as i am in a situation that financially i have to join in the 'Entertainment Coorporation'. I would certainly appreciate your feedback.
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