Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rehabilitation for trafficking victims

The Maagan shelter in Tel Aviv, offers support to women who are victims of human trafficking.

Earlier this year, the Israeli government changed its position, and agreed to offer a one year visa and rehabilitation to all women who could prove they were trafficked.

I know that in the UK, some of the women who are trafficked, are deported when they go to the police.

More on that, in this article on how to tackle human trafficking.

What I find disturbing in the article, is that some of the women who are returned, are raped in police stations, in their countries.

The only UK equivalent that I know of is the Poppy Project .


Related article Italian law gives trafficking victims a chance to escape traffickers.

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Trafficking whether it is women for sexual purposes or both genders for cockle picking in Morecombe is reprehensible. Where this happens the Law Enforcement Authorities should make it widely known that they will deal with any information they receive as anonymous. This might encourage men who regularly visit more willing when they suspect the courtesan is a victim of trafficking to report the facts. We need to adopt a more rational approach to this issue and realise what the real offence is.
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