Sunday, September 30, 2007

Escorts dealing with difficult clients

I had a booking yesterday with a difficult client. He sounded well mannered over the phone. I did my checks, and everything was okay.

We sat down, had a drink, and he swiftly took off his clothes. I asked for payment upfront, and he claimed he did not know what my rates were.

I told him what they were,and he said he intended to stay for just under half an hour, and wanted to pay less. I told him that was not possible. I had felt uncomfortable from the start, but thought that things might change.

Well, this man had made an assumption that I was a submissive. I was not comfortable with his requests and told him so.

I have my limits. He made every attempt to ignore my policies and procedures.

I asked him to leave, as I was not comfortable, and gave him some of his money back.

I came away feeling that my preference is to see clients that I have seen before.

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I'm so sorry you had such a difficult appointment Nia.

Such experiences must be very upsetting and possibly frightening.

I hope your next client is kind and considerate (and very rich and generous!!!) and perhaps restores your faith that not all men are such monsters.

B xxxx

Thank you for your comments. It was upsetting. Thankfully, I can only think of one other time, when I have felt this way. So these types of clients, are in the minority.

I have just read this. So sorry this has happened to you. It is enough to make a girl walk away from the job for ever.

How dare he do this to you!

We get criticised in so many ways for the way we work, our attitude to the clients and the amounts we potentially earn, but when things like this happen, it is supposed to be 'par for the course'.. take it on the chin and move on. Well in my experience it is not as easy as that.

Hope you are OK

Jo x

Thank you for your comments. I am okay.

Men like him do exist, and fortunately, I do not meet most of them.
Sorry this happened to you. :(

It most definitely should not be considered "par for the course." This is the kind of behavior for which "alert" or "do not see" lists, circulated privately among the ladies, are needed.

Oh Nia! I'm glad you're OK - you did the right thing in asking him to leave and then refunding part.

Like you, I just prefer seeing regulars these days. It just feels safer on every front - on the sexual preferences, on the anonymity, on the finances, on STDs, the lot...

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. Yes, this behaviour cannot go unreported.


Thank you for your comments. It is easier with regulars, as they are not an unknown quantity, but they can turn too,lol.
Nia - what a cad! I am in total agreement about regulars. There is not only safety but you can know there is respect. I believe Ptr summed it well in his latest post regarding respect vs. degree. Always, ALWAYS, trust your instinct because it is innate in women over men and when we are in a situation as you described, that instinct is everything!

Thank you for your comments. Yes, my instinct told me this guy would try to push the boundaries. I have never offered money back, but felt I had to this time.
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