Thursday, September 27, 2007

Top dog escort agency owner earns 2 Million

Steven Drew of Silk and Lace escort agency earned two million in a year from his escorts.

Silk and Lace is a visiting escort agency. The escorts were taken to bookings by drivers, and had to hang around at the office for the whole shift(twelve hours), until they were given a booking.

Steven Drew bragged about sampling the goods. This does not suprise me, there are a number of male escort agency owners in London who do the same.

I know someone who worked for this agency years ago, but she never mentioned that she had to sleep with the boss.

It is outrageous that out of a £120 fee, he took £70 and the escort was left with £50.

I wait to hear what happens at the end of his trial.

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Pimps like this guy is the reason why I encourage pooners to stick with indy's. There might be a few indy's who have b/f that are basically pimps, but with a bit of research, you can avoid these ones. I want to know that most of the cash I hand over is being kept by the service provider.
Hey Gorgeous. Good to be back and reading!

please delete the last one. I screwed the text up!
But why was this particular agency targeted when there are so many operating openly?

B xx

Thank you for your comments. You never know how much an agency girl gets to go home with.


Good to see you back here :)


Thank you for your comments. There had to be something else going on, but the fact that he slept with the escorts, may have been an issue.
Why would any woman who is even marginally familiar with the industry and its options tolerate that? These days when there are many agencies and easy options of going independent - which may not be every woman's first choice but even so, imho still better compared to those guys?

Thank you for your comments. I wonder whether it is ignorance. I cannot get my head round it.
I suspect that the media have perhaps 'massaged' the figures here?

Thank you for your comments. I wonder what the real story is.
Wait a minute. I just read your post more thoroughly. You seem to have an issue with what kind of payout he gave to his working girls. Am I wrong, of was there some guy holding a gun to these girls' heads?

It seems like you are demonizing him for having been the better negotiator. Is that fair of you, Nia? Men like him would not enter the business if there were not plenty of girls lining-up to do the kind of work he hires out.
Well all of them got a 'not guilty' this week. Like "no charges to answer".

I'd be really interested to hear your thoughts on that (new commenter, I know - but local to that agency and screaming mad about the 'blindness' of our judicial system).

From what you've read, what would you have said - guilty or not?
i worked for steve-- i never had to sleep with him or anyone else if he did sleep with any girls from the agency he paid them for their time and they were not forced even with the threat of losing work--also he provided me with a great deal of bookings we didnt sit around for 12 hours he operated a night and day and you were free to leave at ant time, i receied a base rate of 50 ph and the driver recived 25 the agency took the rest--iwas picked up from home taken to comfortable offices so friends and family didnt know what i did i earned well from extending and saw somtimes a few clients in a night, my safty was always put first, clients were for the most part good, i have only positive things to say about steve and his agency and a great many others share my views i wouldnt have been in a position to stand for him at court but ive only recently found out about it all and its all very much exagerated, yes he had rules and some of the checks he made were for his legal protection, we made our own booking so by the new laws he diidnt control for gain an on ave i made apx 350/400 per shift most nights i driver was always close by --steve was a very very good boss, not a pimp at all, how judgemental you all are the girls offered a standard protvted service and tips and extras were ours, and we were not required to provide any personal service it was always made clear we could offer just a social escort service if the client was happy with that, ost however decided to offer personal svs as social work was not in such demand, the type of agncy he ran is by far the safest way of working, of course the greedy look down their noses at us £50 hookers but take out you advertising fuel premises and security costs and how much profit do you actualy make, not as much as you think ill bet, i paid my london house off in 2.5 yrs (just under 190k -now worth considerable more and all mine and the money to pay for an ou degree) thanks to steve and his team, and thanks to the security he gave me not one dangerouse incident in all that time, no ads no website just earnings...without steve id still be in a council flat in a complete crap hole. now im mortgage free in a realy quite nice part of town.and doing a job i enjoy immensly that would never have got me on the ladder even without some keywoker box provided by red ken for more than its worth on rent to buy. should steve ever read this many thanks brookexxxxxxx
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