Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

These past two weeks have been hectic. I have been to one Christmas do after another. I tend to say no at this time of year, to most invitations, as I do not like the pressure, but this year has been different.

It has been great meeting up with friends I have not seen all year, and yet we live in London, but only get together at Christmas. I must do something about that next year. I have eaten so much, and enjoyed it, and I am not putting on weight. It is fantastic.

I got woken up this morning at the crack of dawn, by Roger.

Bless him, he forgot about the time difference, and was calling to wish me a Happy Holiday. He had just got off a long haul flight, was doing his Christmas shopping(so laid back) and decided to call me. We spent two hours on the phone catching up, and deciding when and where we will meet in 2008. He was apologetic about not having seen me as much as he would have liked to in 2007. I find that sweet, but he does not need to apologise. I think that is what you need to do with girlfriend's, so I guess I must have got the girlfriend experience right.

I am looking forward to putting my feet up for the next few days, and catching up on some reading and watching Dvds. Two more parties to go before the New Year.

Happy Holidays to all my readers and I hope that you will be able to spend this time, in the way you would want, noisy or peaceful, but not overworked.

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Happy Christmas Nia.

B xxxxxx
A kiss, sister :-)
Happy Christmas Beau xx

A kiss to you Chiaraxx
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