Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mad boss strikes again

I picked up a nasty voicemail from mad boss this afternoon. She was questioning a number of decisions I had made. I have some responsibilities, and she made it clear that I didn't need her consent, to make those decisions when I joined the organisation. She claimed that I had not filled in several monthly reports with specific information. This is rubbish, and before I responded to her, I checked my copies on my computer, and realised that I had sent them to her. I found that I had manual copies too, and dates when I had sent them in.

Remember what goes around comes around. I left her a voicemail stating that I didn't know what she was talking about, as I had sent her the reports with the information that she needed months ago. I also sent her an email, saying that I would speak to her tomorrow.

I work off site, and fortunately only have to see her once a quarter for a three hour meeting. I then decided to call her at home, to discuss this with her. I told her that she had the information in the office, and knew I sent it to her, and was willing to send the documents via email.

Do you think the cow had the decency to apologise?

I asked her whether she wanted me to check out issues with her before I made decisions, and she claimed that was not necessary, but she had concerns about some staff. I asked her what the rules were , and she claimed that she didn't want to make any hard and fast rules. She would leave it to me.

Do you get the picture?

On this occasion, I didn't lose my cool with her, as the sun was shining today, and the weather was great, and I am feeling pretty mellow.

I console myself with the knowledge that all of my colleagues think she is unprofessional, and bonkers.

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Remember Nia - she's mad, unprofessional, bonkers ...

It doesn't stop it being infuriating when she acts like that though. I'm pleased you are able to find some perspective and enjoy the sunshine. I noticed some very nice deckchairs in Regents Park recently. See you there ...


B xx

Thank you for your comments. It is infuriating. Looking forward to seeing you in Regents Park,lol.
She is inadequate. She picks on you because she falls down in her duty to do the job properly. This is how she covers up for her mistakes - trying to make you look as inadequate as she is. The oldest trick in the book!

S x x

Thank you for your comments. I wonder how she got the job in the first place.
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