Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Some requests from clients

A year ago a client called me up, and asked whether he could film me during the booking. I told him that was not possible. The same man calls me every two weeks since he made the request, leaving various messages.

The pest thinks I will see him, dream on.

Today I get an email from someone asking me whether he can take photos of me during the booking.


I don't show my face on my site, so he thinks he can come and see me and I will say feel free to take all the pics you want.

Sarah Summers has a great post on how escorts are not social workers are we, I agree with her when she says some men think we are stupid. I have also had emails where clients who have not met me, say they just want to come see me, talk, nothing else, for no charge.

Things will start to get complicated if I have to check potential clients for cameras before a booking.

Check that they have not stolen my knickers.

Clients who arrive and say they have to go to the cashpoint after the booking as they had no time to get the money. I send them back anyway as my rule is payment upfront. Anyone who does not respect my T&C's is shown the door. This is rare, and has happened twice in three years. The majority of my clients know the rules, and respect them.

Check that they have not taken Viagra and recreational drugs together.

When things get complicated for me it isn't fun.

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What is wrong with a man just coming to see a lady and having fun?

Why do they have to spoil things by making ridiculous requests like this?

This man who thinks you may even consider letting him take your photos... do you think he is from another planet Nia...?
That type of behaviour always annoys me. It happens in my business too. I think it is a control thing where the client wants to be in control.

What they don't realise, whichever business they are trying to manipulate, is that they won't get the best out of the deal.

Respect works both ways; and the only way any service provider is going to show respect to a client is to be given some respect too.

Grumpy Old Man

Thank you for your comments,PMSL. He has to be from another planet.


Thank you for your comments. I wonder what it takes them to realise that their strategy doesn't work.
LOL.......since they are from another planet then they should come down to earth.............boom boom.

In my business I just get rid of these people.

Grumpy Old Man
Hi Nia,

This is off topic but . . . tag, you're it!
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