Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Gutted, devastated, and in denial, it can only happen to me

Two weeks ago my laptop crashed.The screen was black each time I turned it on. I had a techie come and look at it, and he said there was something wrong with the graphics card. He reassured me that I had not lost any data. He told me that repairing it, would cost more than getting a new laptop, so I was better off getting a new laptop. The plan was that he could transfer all my data onto a new laptop.

Well, today the techie came round, to retrieve my data. Whatever he planned to do was not working. The device that he was using kept flashing, and he could not understand what the complication was. So, he went to his car to get a different device, hoping it would do the trick. That would not work either. I was not surprised, those of you who know me well, will know nothing is ever simple in my life. I told him that he should have come expecting the worst possible scenario, because strange things happen around me.

Anyway, four hours later after dismantling my laptop, no hard drive could be found. Yes, unbelievable, I had no physical hard drive on my laptop. How I have used it these past few years, God only knows.The mind boggles. I had taken it in for repair four years ago, and that is the only time it has been out of my sight.

So, I have lost seven years of work, gone, disappeared, lost. Documents, publications from authors that were not released to the public, reports, notes,complaints, the whole caboodle.

How do I feel?

Numb, powerless, and from now on having to back up at every opportunity like a maniac.

They say computers are a good thing, but I want the old days back, when I can find my material. Hopefully, I have some hard copies of stuff somewhere, or I probably shredded it all, when computers came along.

Luck is not something that comes my way often, and the only person who can understand this is Sarah Summers, as our lives are similar.

Big thanks to Sarah and a special friend for all your support around this.

*heads off to weep about my seven years of lost data, wondering how I will start from scratch again*

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Wow, that sucks! Good luck putting getting all your work back together again. Maybe you could think of it as a fresh start?
Bring back filing cabinets LOL

I once lost a whole bunch of digital holiday photos because I failed to back them up and then my hard drive became unusable.

They were lovely too; Pompeii etc. Irreplaceable.

That upset me so losing 7 years worth of data will seem like losing a part of your life.

........I get tempted to print everything out LOL

Back up, back up and back up again.

Grumpy Old Man
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