Sunday, June 29, 2008

People come and go in the escort industry

I have just discovered that Caitie Mae and Chere Juliette are no longer blogging. I have no idea when their blogs went down, as I have not had time to read other blogs for over a year. I have just had too much going on at work, and in my personal life.

In most cases when escort bloggers stop blogging, they have retired, or just don't want to blog anymore. Good luck to you Caitie Mae, and Chere Juliette ,whatever you are doing. I hope you are both okay.

Blogs that I miss are Memoirs of a whoremonger, Glengarry Leads and the Petulant Pooner.

In the meantime I will trawl through my archives, and tidy up posts that linked to these bloggers. I know how annoying it can be reading a post, clicking into a link, and discovering it doesn't exist. Give me time people, it will get done.

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Chere Juliette, I think, has been closed down, rather than taken the blog down herself. I've bumped into another that had been closed recently - are the hosts getting too "nice" to support "naughty" blogs?
Nice to see you back Nia.

I think half of my links are out of date - so when you've finished sorting out your dead links perhaps you might pop over to mine and ...


Well it was worth a try!

Good luck.

B xxxx

Thank you for stopping by.The hosts should make it clear from the start if that is the case. I am aware some platforms don't accept adult content.


I will give that some thought,lol.
Well thank God for that! I missed you..........
S x x
Thank you Sarahxx
I missed your posts too........they are nice and direct and to the point.

Too many go on and on and on and on; mostly about the author LOL.........yawn.

Yours is one of the few I read so please don't deprive me.

Grumpy Old Man
Thank you Grumpy Old Man,

PMSL. I will try not to deprive you, but can only blog when I feel I have something to say.
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