Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Paying for the consequences

I am going through a stressful period at work again. I have become the whistleblower. I am managing a staff member who has broken so many rules in the book, and has been involved in bad practice. The first time this was brought to my attention, I told him that he needed to change his ways, as there would be consequences. We met again, and he was angry with me, and told me that he was not going to follow my advice. I told him that was his choice, but there would be consequences. He has a cocky attitude, and has stuff on the internet, that is very misleading, and misrepresents the work that he does.

I have taken it to the top, as it is my responsibility to do so. I spoke to my mum about this, and she said, if he goes down, why should I go down (no pun intended) with him.

So, I wait to see what this drama queen will do when he is shown the door.The idiot cannot see the error of his ways. I can hear it now, I am the bitch that brought him down.

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If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear.

If you have done nothing wrong and he takes action against you, then it will only serve to show that he is weak and has no argument.

I know you as a person. I know you to be completely honest, but I also know you will worry about him as an individual.

Some people are their own worst enemy and beyond help. Leave him to his own demise and look after yourself Nia

x x x x x

Thank you for your comments. I haven't done anything wrong. I have done my job. I have responsibilities, and part of my role involves monitoring that people work in a professional way.

He may take action against me. I am ready for it. There are a number of people who are aware of the situation, and will back me all the way.

I worry about him, because he doesn't understand he has wrecked his career.
Your Mum is right Nia. That's the trouble with Mums - they always are...sighs... :-)

Livvy xxx

Thank you for your comments. At this stage in my life, I accept that my mum is always right,lol.
The beauty of having two jobs is that when one gets stressful you can retreat into the other.

....and not feel quite as tied to either as you might if you only had one source of income.

I find that.........and, no, my other job isn't as a "working boy" LOL

Grumpy Old Man
*waiting patiently for GOM to reveal what his two jobs are*
Now now Nia............discretion an' all that LOL

Grumpy Old Man
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