Monday, July 28, 2008

Dinner dates with escorts

Most escorts offer a dinner date package. It is normally from three to four hours which includes private time. It can vary from one to two hours private time, within the four hours. Each escort has their own individual package. I offer dinner dates, and occasionally will come across a client, who does not expect me to charge him for the time we take, to have the meal. This was one of the problems that I had with X. He would say at the start of a dinner date that we were friends, and he didn't expect me to charge him.

X, is so not my idea of a friend.

When I first started escorting, and went on my first dinner date, my client shortchanged me. I had assumed he looked at my site, and knew my fee. Big mistake on my part. I learned my lesson. I don't like having to remind clients of my fees, but there are so many con artists about, it is important to make things clear from the start. He was over from the US, to check on his business in the UK. Well mannered, well dressed, gave me the impression that he was not the sort of man that would do such a thing. Furthermore he was in his late sixties, and I guess I thought a man of his age would know better.I was fooled by his appearance. Mistake number two.

I was pretty relaxed the whole evening, and this was one of the few occasions where I did not take my payment upfront. In fact I counted the fee the following day,the reason being that I thought there was no way a man in his late sixties, in his line of business, and staying in a five star boutique hotel would con me. Mistake number three.

By the time I realised what had happened, he was on a flight back to New York. I believe what he did was intentional ,and deliberate. I recognise that I had a responsibility to check the money in front of him, and challenge him. Furthermore, when he asked about the dinner date, I should have reminded him of my fee, and not assumed he had looked at my site.

Sometimes the only way in which some people can learn, is from their mistakes. Oh how I have changed since then.

As Emilie says I will work for money not food.

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Friendship involves trust and respect.

I see a WG who I regard as a friend; she has told me that she regards me as a friend.

So how could I do something to her that involve deceit or a lack of respect?

She sets her fee and I never challenge it; I have no right to do that. To me, that would be disrespectful. By seeing her I am accepting that fee.

And just what am I paying for? If I didn;t think I should pay to sit opposite a gorgeous sexy woman at a dinner table then why should I pay for that time at the end of a meeting when we are both sitting in dressing gowns, disshevelled, talking about our families? Where would you draw the line?

It is a nonsense and is basically an excuse on the part of a client to control the girl.........and that is not friendship.

It also smacks of the menu mentality; "I'll pay for a shag but not dinner"........and that makes you a commodity not a friend.

I have clients, in my different business, who I regard as friends. I do not give them discount or treat them differently when charging fees or taking commision. If they challenged my charges I would see that as disrespectful. After all the basis of our relationship is and always will be the money (same with a WG) I might go the extra mile; do a little more for them or do something outside of the business side of things.

Now that is friendship as it has not been asked for and is freely given..........and that is what that WG does when she is showing me friendship.

It does for me.

Grumpy Old Man

Thank you for your comments. You are so right. When clients behave in this way they are disrespectful.

I resent having to ask for my fee, when it is clear a client does not want to pay upfront.

I agree it is about control, and manipulation.

When a friend starts to challenge your rates, it make you wonder?
Makes you wonder Nia?

It shouldn't.

If a "friend" challenges your rates he (or she LOL) is no friend.

Grumpy Old Man
I think it boils down to the lack of respect that a lot of men have for us... business or no business.

Because we are in an industry offering personal services, they do not see our work in black and white when it comes to paying us, but they sure as hell know how to push the boundaries when it comes to the bedroom activities, and the time factor.

Damned if you relax because there is always someone who takes advantage of this and damned if you adhere to the times because you are then deemed to be hard and businesslike.......

We are not a charity !
For any relationship to work there must be discussion on any potentially thorny subjects.........boundaries being one.

So I think the key is to talk about it and for the girl to have ultimate control; a veto if you like.

Grumpy Old Man
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