Monday, August 25, 2008

Escorts and Outcalls

I have just read Sarah Summer's hilarious post on the glory of the outcall. One of the things I love about Sarah is her ability to laugh at some of these situations. I think she is a saint, with some of the stuff that she puts up with from clients. I think she raises an important point when she says

when you have travelled thirty miles plus, and have to travel back the same mileage, you sometimes go through with it rather than cut your losses and retain your dignity.

It reminds me of the time I went on an outcall ,which I discussed in the risks that clients who see escorts take and getting caught in the act post.

I remember going to see a client in his home, and as he opened the door I started sneezing. I am sensitive to dust, and his place had obviously not been cleaned in months. I sat down on the sofa, and started sneezing again. At this point, I was thinking there was no way that anything would take place. I spoke to him for a while, and my assessment of him was that he had severe and enduring mental health issues. This was not something that came across on the phone. I left, only to discover that two of my escort friends, who worked for escort agencies in London, had been to see him that day. He had chased them down the road.They had both mentioned this client, when we had coffee that evening. I came away from his house itching, and threw away everything that I wore.

I have only been stopped once at a hotel, since I have been escorting. It was a hotel on the Strand. I went to an outcall at about 3am. I tend not to go on late night outcalls these days, unless prearranged. Anyway, as I walked into the hotel, I had a long coat on. The little man on reception starts hollering "Madam, madam". I ignored him, walked straight to the lift, and saw my client. Two hours later, I came down to the lobby, and smiled and winked at the little man on my way out.

I have an Arab escort friend who has been asked to produce her passport,at some hotels on Park Lane, in London. I am surprised as she was taken to Arabia by some prince to live in a harem for a number of years. When these princes come to London for their holidays, she lives in these hotels for months, until they leave. The staff know her, so I don't understand it.

She has no problem showing her identity, I have never been asked for my passport at a hotel. The thing is, that I don't walk around with my passport in my bag, unless I am taking a flight. I am aware that there are some hotels that have this policy on Park Lane.

I used to have regular outcalls at a particular hotel on Park Lane, always after midnight. Whenever I walked in, I always bumped into a cleaner hoovering the carpet. I felt really awkward as she must have figured out what was going on. Such is life.

I heard of a case where the concierge at a hotel in Knightsbridge, literally runs down the corridor after escorts who come into the hotel, harassing them.

Fortunately, I don't have problems with hotel outcalls, as a Black escort in London.

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I once had an outcall to an hotel in Harrogate. When I was leaving, the night concierge challenged me saying they had problems with 'prostitutes'. He sneered at me as he said the word and wanted to know where I had been. He demanded to know the room number and I would not give it to him.
He was extremely agitated, and I soon realised I was his 'sport' that night.

I thought 'fuck you'.. and maintained I was the girlfriend of someone and was just leaving... he was threatening me with the police !

I was scared, but stood my ground vowing never go to back there again.

It was a dump anyway.. faded grandeur and a distinct smell of damp...PMSL

Thank you for your comments. Some of these guys are on power trips. I know that some of them are escort friendly, and will give escorts clients, if you give them a commission.
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