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Punters who say they are not punters but visit escorts

I have seen a number of clients who have told me they are not punters(an escort's client).

Interesting, as they have come to see me,pay me, and I am an escort.

However, I think what some of these men mean is that it is a one off experience. So in their eyes they are not punters, john's, hobbyists, or clients.

What I find hilarious is the men who say they are not punters, but visit escorts regularly.

What is their definition of punters?

Is this some form of denial?

I feel some people need to maintain a self-concept that enables them to do this, without feeling guilty or ashamed.

I feel it is the same when some women protest on messageboards, and say they are not Working girls, or prostitutes.

As Peridot Ash says in her post on Sex addiction is not a hobby , their delusion is good business for me.

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I tend to think of punters as the guys who who go from escort to escort. That has an element of chance so "to punt" seems appropriate for thme.

I prefer to stay with someone I know and so don't see myself as a punter as I have taken that "chance" element out.

Nothing to with shame.

Also, when I read some message boards with all those who see "punting" as a kind of hobby I prefer to distance myself from much of what is said.

Client sounds better in my mind LOL

Delusion?.......on balance no.

I know I'm paying and have no issues with the concept.

Grumpy Old Man
"What it the definition of punters?" Good question, in the same time i was looking for a "polital correct" word for "prostitute".
Well second for introduce myself.
First, i'm italian and english isnt my shoe..but i think this it's clear for you.
Second, i was a "punter" if "punter" means "a man that visit escort" and i had visited enough escorts. So no jocking or other things but i'm taliking seriouly.
I think that this is the other face of the same medal. Nobody wants to say "hello, my name is john and i'm a punter" and in the same time a girl i think doesnt like to say "hello, i'm mary and i'm an escort (or something similar). But..there are a lot of men that visit escorts and there are a lot of escorts.
Sorry, i dont have answhers..i'm still looking for questions for understand.
a.y.s. Bibi
P.S. and sorry for my very bad english..a long time ago i was often in london and it was better.

Thank you for your comments. We see things differently. My definition of a punter, is everyone who comes to see me. The number of times they visit,or whether I am the only escort they see, is irrelevant. The issue for me is that they have come to see an escort, and therefore in my eyes, are a punter.


Thank you for stopping by.

Yes, I see a punter as a man who visits escorts. We are on the same page.

I have no expectations that anyone need announce that they are a punter, when they visit. Everything is glaringly obvious, when they knock on my door. Unless it is someone who has rang the wrong doorbell,lol.
Hi Nia, I also agree that "punters" (and pooners and p4p-ers and hobbyists) is just another name for "john" or client, and is indeed somebody who visits escorts.

By the way, I just posted some questions for other working girls at my blog. Please take a look and leave a comment:

Thanks for your comments. You and I are on the same page,lol. Will pop over to look at your questions.
LOL.....maybe you are right Nia.

I'll still see myself as a client mostly though; except when I see a girl for the first that, to me, is a punt.....a gamble LOL.

And I don't think of the girls I see as prostitutes either.......just people I pay to have sex with LOL.

Language can be so emotive can't it......and we can use it as a balm to help ease our perception of ourselves and what we do and who we see.

Bibi.......your english is no worse than mine (I'm English!).....having read my first post LOL.

Grumpy Old Man
I've been thinking about this......yes Nia; you have made me think.

I think it boils down to the difference between illusion and delusion.

When I first read the post it jarred; to suggest that I am deluded because I prefer to be called a client as opposed to a punter was, I felt, a little patronising.

Yes, from a WGs point of view I am a punter, john or whatever you want to term me as. You have to have that practical, pragmatic view of a guy who comes to see you.

But that guy?.......some are happy to be seen as punters; others, like me, are buying into a wider fantasy than just the sex.

And that fantasy, for me, is an illusion that I walk into with my eyes open.....and maybe many of those who prefer the term client are the same.

If my eyes were closed you would be right; it would be delusion.

But they aren't close; and all I ask of any girl I pay a substantial fee to is that allow me that illusion; silly as it may seem.

The illusion works providing my eyes stay open; I think sometimes girls don't always see that......understandable too.

does that make sense?

Grumpy Old Man

Balm is the operative word.

Maybe I have not made myself clear. My clients are all punters, I do not differentiate, but can see that you do. The fact that I see them as punters, does not mean they are not clients,lol.

I hear that you have a preference to be called a client,rather than a punter.

I see what you are saying, that any girl you see, needs to allow you to have your illusion.

I understand that, and can hear how important that is for you.
Hello Nia,
I am delighted to see that you are still blogging! And blogging very well, I might add.


Thank you for stopping by. Where have you been???? I have missed your blog, and input.
I have some clients who tell me they are not punters because I am the only person they see.
I tend to be like you Nia, and see this in black and white.

If a man comes to see me and pays me for whatever his experience of my service is... then he is punting.

This is not a date as such, because if it were it would be without payment.

If a man has seen other girls as well as myself and still says he is not a punter, then he is kidding himself.

I can't see the problem here. If the guy is punting, he is paying for a service and therefore not having an affair.

If a married man chooses to punt rather than have an affair, then he is being thoughtful and responsible. Punting does not have to be as tacky as some men perceive it to be.

If I have a male friend/partner and work like this for a living, provided the punters pay me for services rendered, them when I go home, and date with my partner, I would not feel that I have been in any way unfaithful to that person.

If they wish to call themselves a client, then that is up to them.. client/punter is all the same to me.

I have discussed this on my blog. Punting is the definitive term for paying for sex as well as gambling or betting on the horses. I can't see what all the fuss is about meself !

Thank you for your comments. The moment a man pays you for a service, or time and companionship, he transforms into a punter,lol.

I think where it may get problematic, is when a punter is paying for an illusion, and he has not made his agenda clear to the WG.

I think the fuss it seems, is that the words do not fit with some punters perceptions of themselves.
Ha...One client I had for five years as a patron, actually said to me that he had never paid for sex. (!!!)

Thank you for your comments,ROFLMAO.

Now I know he paid you, so what did he think he was he paying for????
LOL...........maybe I should sign off as "Grumpy Old Punter".

I'd never heard of "P4P'er" in this context (naive?) until reading this and associated links.

Paying for pleasure?........I like that.

Grumpy, Pooner, P4P,er.........take your pick.
I'm from Canada and the punter term isn't used a lot, but is replaced with pooner. Generally I consider pooners/punters to be the people that spend the time on the review boards talking about it constantly.

Not to mention there has to be some kind of volume requirement to become a pooner?
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