Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thin Slicing is what most of us do as escorts and clients to avoid timewasters and keep safe

I have just started reading Blink by Malcom Gladwell It was lying on the bookshelf, and I thought I might give it a try, after Mandy's interview.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the decisions that we make in split seconds, and the conclusions that we make. He explores when snap decisons are good, and when they are not.

As an escort, I take notice of my first impressions and have been proved wrong in some cases. The job involves a high level of risk, and I do not want to be left vulnerable. It is important to make quick decisions to verify my clients, and avoid timewasters.

My security is essential, as I do not want to end up sleeping with the enemy.

I listen to the way potential clients speak to me, and evaluate them when we meet, as I want to avoid obsessive clients.

I sometimes get it wrong, however in most cases those snap decisions are useful, and have served me well.

I imagine that clients thin slice, to avoid bait and switch escorts, and escorts who rob them.

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I think that some of us are better at that than others. Maybe I'm not so good at it!

I can understand how important it is for escorts - and I think most probably have to make quick judgements like you say.

In other contexts though I would like people who meet me, if they are going to pass judgement on me, to get to know me better first.

For instance at a job interview!!!!

B xx
Interesting topic!

"I imagine that clients thin slice, to avoid bait and switch escorts, and escorts who rob them."

Well, some do, but some of us don't. The one great advantage of a review board -- at a minimum, we can at least tell that a frequently reviewed lady is not law enforcement, a scam artist, or other psycho. OK, not fool-proof, but it does reduce our anxiety level substantially. :-)

A significant difficulty for the ladies is that you don't have that sort of positive affirmation for potential clients. You can't do some screening, but that's only a negative affirmation. The fact that he's not on a "bad client" list or doesn't have a criminal record is no more reliable than our seeing that a lady has no alerts placed on her. Absence of information versus reassurance.

A reference from a lady he's seen before serves a similar purpose, but he's generally offering those to you and likely would not suggest you contact a lady who had a bad experience with him. And "reviews" of clients are unlikely ever to catch on. :-)

Just another way that the "game" is unequal and biased in the men's favor.


Thank you for your comments. I agree, thin slicing is not appropriate in every context.

If I were to meet a potential partner's parents, I would like them to pass judgement after a number of meetings.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I guess some clients do not thin slice,lol.

It is tricky knowing what works best in this environment.As you point out, nothing is foolproof.

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