Friday, July 27, 2007

Escort sues ex-husband for defamation

I think it is great that some escorts have partners who are okay about what they do. It can get nasty, when your partner has issues with you working as an escort.

Ms G, sued her partner for defamation.

Her ex-husband informed her employers that she was an escort, and posted on messageboards that she had a sexually transmitted disease. She won an award of $2000 in damages.

I find this sad, as when you end a relationship with someone who knows about this part of your life, can you trust them to not reveal your secrets?

Ms G's ex husband clearly had problems with her past life as an escort.

This is one of the reasons why I choose not to have a relationship, whilst I am escorting. I want to avoid these sorts of complications.

Have a good weekend.

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Very much down to the individual. Given that this is supposed to be a profession, not many people would welcome it into their private lives.

I think you have to be very strong and grounded, sure of yourself and of your partner to be able to deal with one of you having sex with others for a living.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I think anyone who can cope with their partner as an escort, has to be grounded, and sorted.
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Ptr, I think our imagination is too vivid and you are also far too indiscreet !
Point taken. Text re-worded.

Escorts and Relations.
Agree With Nia here, better to be avoided while you work. But it will make it a lonely profession.

I am quite hypocritical on this: I would not like to seen an escort of whom I know that she is in a stable relation.

And I would not like to consiously meet the partner of an Escort I had seen shortly before.

It just does not feel right to date the Lady of another man, even if all parties seem perfectly OK with the arrangement.
It does not feel quite Narural.

Very Hypocritical, but so be it.

Also, Escorts tend to have funny partners with sometimes shady connections. Never forget that it is a Cash industry with huge opportunities of all kinds.
Jo, just one more then:
I had some funny MSN conversations of ppl accusing me of stuff I never did.
And shortly after that I got some odd wee-hours phonecalls to the direct line of my favorite hotelroom. Lasted for a few weeks. Stopped after I changed hotel. Small and funny scene in some cities. Regulars are now my play.
Ptr, when I read that, the thought that sprang to mind was, if you play with fire, you may get your fingers burned.

If you strike out and speak the truth, the burns will heal in time and respect will prevail. If you on the other hand join in with the gossip, your fingers might drop off ... PMSL
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