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Payback enforcement

Glengarry and James B left some interesting comments on yesterday's post.There are two things that stood out for me in their comments.

G says

"Every time I see a Mercedes S-class drive by, I see all of those stacks of 20 dollar bills I handed over in my many years of doing it. That's about what I wasted. I sure could use the money now!"

James B says

"Quite honestly, I don't give a damn if I never see another pussy again. And, yes, I want my money back too. These women have exploited our weaknesses long enough. Pay back time! "

I imagine that G feels the way I do when I spent a ridiculous amount on a handbag, and realise that I could have spent the money on a holiday in the tropics. For the record I am not a handbag queen. This has only happened on two occasions.

I can identify with James B. I think when I go back to being a civilian, I will have difficulty explaining to my male partner, that I have had loads of sex, and do not need loads more.

I wonder how James expects escorts to payback their clients? I am struggling with James B's use of the word exploitation. Men who use escorts have urges and needs that they want to be met. No if's buts or maybe's.

Can we call the escorts who meet these needs, women who are skilled in exploitation of men?

*runs for cover*

I have added The Diary of an English Courtesan to my sidebar. Pay her a visit.

Have a good weekend.

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This made my blood boil. Payback??

I seem to attract these clients. The ones who return regularly. It always happens. They take liberties. They overstay. They ask me questions about my private life. They try and get under my skin. They want to see photos of my children, my cats, my home. Sometimes they are so damn cheeky and I allow it because I am not of that disposition, and I think they sense that.

When it's time for me to call it a day because I am emotionally "done", they behave as if I have a duty of care to them. The fact that they never paid me enough does not come into it. Very often it is not accepted that I won't see them anymore and they persist almost insisting it's my fault that things got to this stage. ( It probably is because I allowed it to run on and also allowed the boundaries to become "hazy")

Payback?? I don't think so.

Many men who seek the services of a working girl are actually seeking a mistress or girlfriend. They allow their judgment to become clouded and fool themselves into thinking it's an affair. This is about the time they start get funny about the money. That is why they overstay and sometimes start haggling for a cheaper rate.

Payback?? Total devaluation then ?
Ha! Ha!

My remarks about payback were not intended to be taken really seriously.

For every prostitute who becomes wealthy, there are thousands who merely subsist, though it is a fact that prostitution all over the world does provide a major route for transferring wealth from men to women.

It is, however, true that I have probably exhausted all my sexual curiosity. Yesterday I was served in the Mexican supermarket by an adorably cute Mexicana of some 19 summers, a real peach. Like any man is such a provocative situation, I might have a little sexual fantasy about her, but the truth is that I already know exactly what she would look like naked, what her skin would feel like, how she would fuck, and how she would orgasm, because I have been with so many like her, so the fantasy has no power to take hold of me or detain me. I am free!

Now three years or so ago, before I started my career as a Whoremonger, the very idea of sex with a college age girl seemed (was) so unattainable, that the possibility hardly occurred to me, except as an absurdity.

So sex is no longer anything to do with unattainable fantasies for me. You can't use sex to sell me anything. I will never grovel to some woman in the hope of getting into her pants. It is just a sometimes (at my age) physical urge that can be satisfied in a number of ways, either by myself or with an assistant. A good fuck is like a nice massage, a good meal, or a good movie--a pleasant form of entertainment, but that is all.

On the other hand, I will probably never fall in love again, but at my age that is not the worst fate imaginable.

Thank you for your comments.

It sounds like you and I may share the same clients,lol.


Thank you for your comments. Do not take my remarks seriously either.

You sound like you have had too much of a good thing.
Now Nia, I have come to know the mind inside that body of yours. I imagine that many of your clients do not get to know this side of you.

When I was "Glen the punter", I'll admit to you (now), straight-up, that my intentions with paid ladies were purely about sexual gratification and perhaps even a cure for boredom. I NEVER sat back and thought about the "valuable service" you provided for me, nor did I sit back and ponder your probable intelligence. When you are in "hooker mode" and I am in "punter mode" (and in the same room), I automatically assume that you'd steal the cash out of my wallet if you had the chance and (if it looks possible), I'll try and get as much OUT of the session as possible for the lowest price. I'd probe to do all the sexual things I'm desiring and wait for YOU to bring me back within limits. I always played dumb on the money, just in case a different phone girl had quoted a higher price. I was not trusting of the girls, and they were never trusting of me. You were not a service provider. You were a hooker. Everything going down in this room was nasty and seedy and illegal. I've found guns under girls pillows and I've seen armed men in the background. I've had money stolen and I've been ripped-off by paying for services up-front that were never given in return.

Remember, this is back before the whole review board culture forced everyone to play nicer.

So when someone asks me if the "elite companionship" I received from hot chicks was ever "worth the money"...I always have to say: NO. No, never. It was always too much money. It always hurt to spend that money (even when I had a very high income). It was NEVER worth it.

But that is what it cost.
Perhaps I took James comments seriously because they touched a nerve !

When punting desensitizes you, it's time to call it a day. At least for a little while !

Thanks for your comments.

I wonder which part of my mind you have come to know?

I am sorry it was that way for you.

I can understand you behaving the way you did, given the experiences you had with the women you saw.

You say, it was never worth it. It hurt to spend it, and you continued, right?
Nia, have you ever used the services of an attorney? 200+ pounds per HOUR. I don't think I have ever known anyone who walked away from a legal case saying "boy, I sure did get good value for my money today"

I hope you dod not take insult. I was not implying that you are not worth your price...But I think that it is possible that you do not have a good picture of the inner workings of many of your client's minds.

The inner mind I spoke of, in regards to you, was your intellectual side. Not "Nia the escort" side...Although I'm guessing you might consider them both to be the same. I happen to think we're all very much compartmentalized (hats off to you know who). We change them to suit the situation.


I have used the services of an attorney, and he did deliver. I chose the right man for the job.I think I was lucky.

No, I was not insulted by what you wrote. It would take more than that, for me to be insulted by you.

I see what you are saying.
"You say, it was never worth it. It hurt to spend it, and you continued, right?"

OK, let me break it down for you Nia.

You are a man. You are horny, wanting sex. You see that it is available, but it costs money. At that point, it is not so much a matter of what it costs, but rather: Do you have the money? And would spending the money put you into future trouble (IE not being able to pay rent or buy food) for spending it? If not, you go ahead and spend it and secure the services of the escort.

About 1 minute after you have your orgasm, while you lie next to the women you know nothing about and have no real caring for, you realize that you just wasted three hundred dollars. You may walk out of the apartment glowing in the great lay you just had, but you also think about the large amount of cash you just pissed-away on an orgasm.

What brings you back? Rememberance of the great value this woman brought to you? No. First, the same sexual urge that got him there in the first place is the key to what brings the man back to you. If he comes back specifically to you, it might be because he liked your body, your technique, your surroundings, the ease of getting to your apartment...or it may have been that you simply answered the phone. But that same urge could just as easily bring him to another escort.

Some men, I suppose, know enough about the frequency of their urges (and they have adequate liqudity in their finances) that they simply keep a stromg pace of "punting" going. Myself, I did not have enough financial resources to just always keep on seeing escorts. I still pursued "legitimate" sex often and regularly. When the sexual urges were strongest, and my options were most limited, I sought the services of the escort. It was so easy and available. Probably because I knew darn well where to look.

But "worth it"? No, never. I had great sex sometimes, and sometimes just an orgasm. But I always left the apartment thinking that I just spent a LOT of money. If I were out on a "normal" date with a girl, If I came home having spent that same amount of money, I'd be shaming myself the next day over not living within my means. Sort of how I shamed myself as I left the escort's apartment for not living within my means.

But why did I spend what I spent? Because that is what it cost. Had it been more "valuable" I would have done it more often.

Think of it this way: If you were a girl I'd hired, and you knew I was happy enough to do a repeat, and you wanted to know what it would take to see me in your flat more often? Make it worth my while, price-wise. Make it possible for me to see you more regularly. Heck, if I could afford it, I'd have dropped by every night for an hour. No kidding!
James B. feels exploited? When he's another big fat gringo living cheap in the DR, surrounded by Third World teenage girls so desperate for money they'll suck his cock for $30 or less? Funnaay!
As I said already, I was joking about the payback, and for the most part it was money well spent, though there have been times when I have gone a bit overboard and spent more than I intended. In the future I do not intend to have sex with more than two partners in one day. After that it is a law of diminishing returns.
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