Friday, November 16, 2007

Mexican women prisoners turned into sex workers

It looks like the head of Santa Martha prison is pimping out the women inmates, and taking them to local male prisons.

So, the women inmates make some money, but can they, say no to this.

Have a great weekend, it is frosty in London.

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Hi Nia,

I would say that they do have a choice because they are being paid?
That's terrible. They may be getting paid, but what happens if they refuse?

I've heard of a number of guys forcefully having sex with escorts and then paying.
I'd say the choice is limited when the jailor is also the source of the work.

What other work will the jailor allow?

Thank you for your comments. What happens if they do not like the men who want to have sex with them?

Vancouver escorts,

Thank you for stopping by.


Thank you for your comments. Yes, no negotiation with jailors,lol.
Err.... I can't believe you asked me that one Nia!

You mean.... you like all the men you see?????
All looks very sad as I'm certain there is plenty of coersion. Can't see how that will help reform the women prisoners. I would guess the officers have far too much power over the woman to leave them with a choice, especially when they are lining their own pockets!!

But you love all your clients, that is what you told me, remember?????? Every single one of them. ROFLMAO.


Thank you for stopping by. It looks like an abuse of power to me.
I agree fully Nia, but then "absolute power corrupts absolutly" as they say and this example has to be at the far end of that assumption.
By the way Nia, love your blog. A ruby in the dust!
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