Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have just received news that my friend's son was murdered yesterday. He was shot, as his girlfriend was cheating on him, with someone else. His mother passed out when she received the news.

When is this gun crime going to stop????

I feel for you J, and my prayers go out to you.

I can only imagine what it is like for a parent to lose their child.

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Oh Nia, so sorry to read this. the world is going mad.

I blame drugs for EVERYTHING.
Thank you Sarah.

I really feel for his mother. They broke his arms before they shot him.

He didn't come home, and she had heard from a neighbour, that someone had been shot, and left lying there until his body was removed.

J, then went searching for him in hospitals.

It is awful. He was her only son.

It is one thing to hear that your child has died. Then it is something else to deal with the fact that he was murdered.
that is sad news. my condolence to her for losing her son. i can't imagine the pain she going tru'.do
Thank you Gigi.
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