Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy holidays

I managed to do all my Christmas shopping yesterday. Unfortunately, I was unable to get all the stuff that I wanted to, which was a pain. It had sold out.

Just have to finish the food shopping today.

I tell myself every year, that I will try and spend the bare minimum, but somehow never manage to achieve that. My bank balance is feeling it at the moment.

I find that most of my friends and family have different narratives about Christmas, that do not always fit with my template. There are lots of "oughts" and "shoulds" within the narratives.

Hopefully I will manage to chill out and relax over the next few days. This is something that I like to do, but others usually prevent that from happening.

I will not post again until the 27th, so have a happy holiday !


I've just finished - I hope!!!! - wrapping my Christmas presents. That's an advance on most years when I'm doing it in the early hours of Christmas day before going to bed bleary eyed.

Someone close to me has arrived this afternoon. They've had a difficult few years and were quite emotional about spending Christmas with us. Part of it will be hard but I have a premonition it is going to be good.

Have a great Christmas Nia.

No "oughts" and "shoulds" - just chill out and relax and have a great time.

Wishing you and your readers a very Happy Christmas.

B xxxx

Well done. You have a great and relaxing time.
I try not to get too extravagent with my shopping, but sometimes I find myself overindulging. Have a happy Christmas Nia!
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