Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is the sort of client that all escorts dread

A Man who hired an escort to help him celebrate his birthday held a gun to her head and waved a Samurai sword at her a court heard.

In these situations you cannot take risks,the man was acting strangely. Thankfully it was taken to court.

I no longer do outcalls to homes, unless you are a regular.

I am aware this sort of thing could happen in a hotel, but there are more people around in hotels.

I had a friend whose client tried to strangle her in a well known hotel in the West end, the chambermaid heard her scream, and she was saved.

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There are times when I feel spooked by clients, on the 'phone. It may be their voice, or their manner, or simply their choice of words, but whatever it is, something from inside me tells me not to go through with the appointment. I may have accepted the booking, but if I start to feel doubtful about a guy, then it grows and grows, and I cancel the appointment.
I tell them why, but will not be persuaded to change my mind.
In a job like this, a girl cannot be too careful.

Keep blogging Nia, you make me think!

S x

Thank you for your comments. I feel the way you do. The thing is we also get bad feelings about regulars, and have to bin them too.

Stay with your feelings girl.
I just heard about your blog. And now you're only part-time! Oh well.

From a Sistah in San Francisco.
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