Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Erotic review owner playing dirty

What is the world coming to.

The owner of the Erotic review site, has been arrested on murder conspiracy charges.

An adult model sued him, and he tried to have her bumped off. This guy also forced an escort to perform oral sex at gunpoint, at some stage.

The lengths that some people will go to.

Well, it seems the long arm of justice has caught up with him.

Sometimes escorts need to think very carefully, about which sites, they advertise on. Some of these site owners are bonkers, and have no morals.

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Some people think we are worthless too. In fact I think an awful lot of people share that opinion.

I am very guarded about where I advertise these days, I hardly advertise anywhere anymore. There are so many weirdos about.

Stay safe Nia x x x

You are right. I have cut my advertising too. I have seen how difficult it is when you want to cut your ads, yet the site refuses to remove them.

One site I advertised on kept me on for a year, and would not remove my profile. I didn't like the sorts of calls I was getting from their clients.

You stay safe too.
I use to use these sites, now to read reviews I use

I also post for free in the erotic classifieds for
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