Friday, January 02, 2009

No more buying sex for Norweigan men

Norway has introduced a new law that will make it illegal to purchase sex. They are threatening to prosecute Norweigan men who buy sex abroad.

It makes no difference if she is an escort,streetworker or courtesan. They all sell, say it after me ...

I wonder how and where the Norweigan government will get the resources, to pursue their male citizens who are buying sex abroad.

These are changing times.

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The answer is that they probably won't, I guess.
They are indeed changing times Nia, and changing for the worse in my view. Them today and us tomorrow, if Jacqui Smith gets her way. What a mess.

Livvy xxx
You can't beat Norwegian Wood Nia!

Happy New Year.
I hope they won't but what a waste of time.


Happy New Year. I had similar thoughts last night. Our sites may all have to come down very soon.


Happy New Year.

*scratches head to remember whether I have had Norweigan wood,lol.*
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