Monday, September 01, 2008

Escorts who take breaks

It is not unusual for escorts to take breaks, to maintain their sanity. As service providers some escorts give so much of themselves they need to recharge their batteries to enable them to maintain their high standards of service.

Sarah Summers has a no nonsense post on why she is taking a break, and gives some insight into the challenges of being an escort.

Amber who has left escorting has a good post on how most escorts she knows started escorting because of the money.

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Different occupations have different pressures.

.......and if those pressures are potentially high as in "escorting then breaks should be frequent.........and planned.

The pressures I have are totally different from those that you and sarah refer to but.........I ALWAYS have at least one planned break somewhere on the horizon.

It means that at times when my work is getting to me I can say........."I'm off in xxx weeks" or somesuch.

The times when I have felt as though my work were taking over my life have been when I haven't done this.

I have seen girls who don't seem to do this too; they wait until things bottle up and then find themselves forced to have a break.

Planning a break is about controlling your life.

Grumpy Old Man
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