Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There is a market for all escorts out there

I have talked about escorts and body image before.

Looks are important in this industry, for most clients. However, for some clients, it is not essential. Some clients only want looks, and others want a package, that includes more than a pretty face.

In Moscow, anorexic and hairy escorts are all the rage.

There is a market for everyone out there.

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When I started seeing WGs I did focus on looks. Now I don't. It just has to be the package.

In my mind a perfect body image consists of boobs that fit into my hands; nice toes, legs and bum.

My favourite WG has boobs that do not conform to that image and, what she perceives, other imperfections.

I adore all parts of her........because it's her.

It's made me realise that, for me, seeing WGs is maybe a little perverse because I do want that package.......I love the social interaction and wouldn't do this if I couldn't get it. A simple shag will not do.

It is the only way that I can fill a gap in my life without having an affair.

It does make it more important for me and the girl to recognise and maintain those boudaries I think.
I LOVE that picture. Thanks for posting, Nia!
Ditto the last comment. I think we all see the lion on ourselves some of the time. As for the anorexix hairy women. Not my choice but God know's truth is often much stranger than fiction!

Thanks for the chuckle Nia. X
I wonder if when we look in the mirror sometimes that image is reversed too.

That the lion just sees a pussy cat LOL

Nice image.

Thank you for your comments. I wonder whether at some point in our lives, we find we need a lot more than looks alone.

I think the social interaction makes a difference. I wonder about the shoot their load crew, but recognise that is what they want.

I think I do see the pussycat in myself too, and wish I could see the lion.


How we see ourselves is so important. I love that picture too,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I wish I could see the lion in myself, all day every day.
I tell you what it is about looks. It is all in the eyes. If I can see humour, intelligence and compassion in someone's eyes then they are attractice in my eyes.

So, in a sense, it is in the looks LOL

When comes to the "lion". Others will see that in you when you are not aware of it simply because you feel the doubts and fears that others cannot see.
Interesting post...but a bizarre article. Love the picture as well...grrrrrowl!!
I wouldn't worry Nia, I feel pretty confident the lion appears when it is needed.
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