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The validity of medical certificates in the paid sex industry

I have heard that on some review sites, some escorts claim that they have medical certificates, and in some cases are willing to offer bareback. Unbelievable in this day and age, I say.

Some of the arguments for this behaviour, are that anything between consenting adults is cool.

I question the validity of these certificates, as some sexually transmitted diseases have long incubation periods.

When, where and who issues some of these certificates?

My understanding is that these certificates are issued mainly to porn stars, who are supposed to go for regular checks.

An interesting story about a doctor who issued medical certificates to sex workers in Melbourne, without checking their health.


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Yes, it is a tad risky, but then again bareback sex is infinitely more pleasurable than sex with condoms. In fact you really can't call sex with condoms a Girl Friend Experience at all.

Conditions for bareback sex should include plans for avoidance of pregnancy and testing of BOTH partners to ensure that neither is carrying a tranmissible disease.

It hardly seems worth the trouble unless it is planned to make the relationship an ongoing one.

On the other hand, bareback sex is what men really want, so I am sure that there must be a niche market, though no one should do it unless they really want to.

It is true that current testing cannot usually absolutely rule out the presence of an incubating viral infection, though if both partners have recent negative HIV tests the chance of passing on that condition is relatively slight.

However, the consequences can be great especially if the john (can I use that word) is married, because you can bet that his spouse would kill him if she found out.

Hell, if you are going to all that trouble for bareback sex, you might just as well get a proper girlfriend and be done with it. Tis whole issue makes you realise just how neurotic the whole paying-for-sex scene really is.
Presumably they only see clients who also have such certificates????

Are such certificates readily available in this country and at what price I wonder? How often would one have to get one?

B xx
Unfortunately, there is a large market for bareback. Whenever a discussion of a lady that does this comes up on the local discussion board, several guys post publicly that as a result of this they will not see her . . . but even more are probably picking up the phone to call and schedule with her. :(

I assume that offering bareback is a reaction to that market. That is, the ladies might not choose to do so otherwise, but think it will increase their business. Because guys are not as worried about the consequences as the ladies are.

Two possible explanations for the difference in attitude: (a) the risk of infection female-to-male for some STDs is less than the risk of infection male-to-female, so the guys figure the risk is primarily borne by the lady (not to mention the possibility of pregnancy); and/or (b) the average guy is not as intelligent as the average lady.

I think (b) is the most likely explanation.

The smart ladies know how to provide high quality service and market themselves, so they can get plenty of business without resorting to bareback. I've always assumed bareback was primarily a marketing strategy of the ladies who are not as successful, perhaps even desperate.

The certificate is only valid the moment it is issued. After that the recipient could have done anything.......

However........... I have to say.. there is a certain kind of honesty about the ladies who offer bareback. Not my thing, but the mere fact that they will openly say they do it tells me there is a market..........
Entre Amigos,

Yes a tad risky, understatement,lol. I am so programmed to have sex with condoms, I cannot remember what it was like without them.

I am sure there is a niche market out there for bareback sex, in the paid sex industry. It is called the deathwish market.

Each to their own.


Thank you for your comments. I think that most escorts who have certificates, are only prepared to see clients who have certificates.

I imagine they are provided at the GUM clinics. I will make sure that I make an enquiry for you, when I go for my check up,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I agree some clients are looking for this market.

I thought the women who offered bareback were desperate.

I have heard of some exclusive high end escorts, providing this, to select regulars. Their regulars, brag about this !

Are these escorts desperate?????


Thank you for your comments. Yes, you can do so much after the certificate has been issued,lol.
"I am so programmed to have sex with condoms, I cannot remember what it was like without them."

Well, what with AIDS starting up in the early 80's, it's been 25 years roughly since they became de riguer. Of course you youngsters don't remember. :) A few of us old farts do, though the memory is kinda hazy.

Surely it would be a lot simpler to buy a gun and a single bullet. Employ someone to shout "Mau, Mau" at you and pull the trigger until either it goes bang or Christopher Walken finds you and saves you
Interesting point you make Nia, about having forgotten what sex without condoms is like. Well, it is nice, but I totally understand why you use condoms and applaud you for it. During all the time I have been blogging and/or mongering over the last three years, I have always had someone with whom I was having bareback sex, though that did not include casual encounters. (Well only one or two, anyway, when I deserved a treat.) Sex with condoms is fine for one off encounters, or trial runs to see if you like sex with someone, but if you are seeing someone regularly it gets old very quickly.

I wonder whether the bareback providers get better customer retention. Personally I would not want to go with a provider who regularly provided bareback for money. I would have to be able to delude myself that there was something special between me and her.

Mind you, back in the day, when there was no AIDS and the Pill was de rigeur, then bareback was standard fare in the amateur scene and no one thought anything of it. There must be a lot of young folks these days who have grown up never knowing the pleasures of sliding into a wet..... oh, well, enough said.
It's sad that there are women who are willing to engage in high risk activities for a few dollars. Anyone that insists or is willing to go bareback shouldn't be trusted.
Yes, but what is the point of sex? To experience ectasy before we die, or to have a pleasant hygienic experience filling a little bag with bodily fluid?

At least someone thinks I am a youngster,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I guess some people choose to end their lives in this way,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I am interested in the value systems, of people who insist, or are willing to go bareback.
I doubt that a GUM clinic would provide a certificate. I think you would have to go private.

Given that the longer such an escort or client left it between tests the more bareback sex they might have had and the more likely they picked up infections - then they would need to have tests extremely often and I guess this would get expensive.

I suppose the point I was trying to make was even if it made sense - it's not going to happen. And as has been said already - it makes no sense anyway.

I wonder how porn actors work it? I know there was a shock to the industry in the US a little while ago when a porn actor got aids. But most porn is still bareback.

B xx
Hello from the US!

I ran across this blog while searching for references to bareback sex. I am happy to see that despite the numerous advertisements for bareback sex availability in London, there are people who still believe in safe sex.

My search was prompted by the large number of my clients who try to get bareback from me. I was wondering if this was part of a trend. I am amazed at the sheer stupidity of anyone who believes they are somehow immune to HIV transmission. Every week I am asked if I would provide bareback. My answer is always a resounding NO! I, too, remember what it was like to skip the condoms.

Yes, it was great. Although I am 51 years old, I still have too much life ahead of me to throw it away for a few thousand dollars. I am told the going rate for bareback is $5,000 US. To some, that is half a year's pay...

In a responsible world, we would all be concerned enough not to risk sharing disease with others. Perhaps early sex education should include a tour of the HIV children's ward at a local hospital...victims of selfish people. sigh...When WILL they ever learn?

Yours, Cary Scott
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