Friday, September 14, 2007

Marketing tips that you can learn from a prostitute

Top ten marketing tips that you can learn from a prostitute.

Just remember not to screw your customers.

Have a good weekend.

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You have no idea how true that is.

Many succesful professional working ladies have a background in sales or retail, btw.

But the very Best Ladies are generally from a care- or customer-service background.

And as for working with vendors, or some of the brown-noseing that goes on in offices... dont get me started.

Working Ladies, at least, have a certain honesty about them. You know what they want, you know what they can deliver. You get screwed in an honest way.
I've never had any problems with being screwed by the ladies. :) But it is true, with so many choices, SP's need to find a niche and a marketing gimmick to differentiate themselves from the next. And honesty is important. With access to so many review boards, punters will expose the scammers just as quickly as the word will spread about the quality providers.

Thank you for your comments. I would love to hear about brown -noseing in offices,lol. Yes, I think things are clearer with escorts.


Thank you for the comments. The internet has made things easier for clients. Scammers can get caught.
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