Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sex addict steals cash to spend on prostitutes

A sex addict who was an accountant

stole nearly 100,000 pounds from his company to spend on prostitutes, and was jailed for 20 months.
He was also a devout catholic.

The question has been raised before.

If an escort is aware that her client has a sexual addiction, and is stealing money to fund his sexual addiction, should she continue to see him?

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Oh my...I wouldn't. Scary.

Thank you for your comments.

I would not either.

However, I imagine in most cases, clients do not talk about this.

I cannot see a client mentioning that his family is going without, because he sees escorts.

I wonder how many women out there have experienced this?
DOH...Never do know about those Accountants - ey ;)
Two points here.

One. How on earth would the girl know he was stealing money to pay for her services? I can't see the guy admitting that to her !

Two. In answer to your question, I have seen a guy who I knew had a problem paying for my services. He told me he was getting into debt. Because I liked him and felt partly responsible, I stopped answering my 'phone to him. Oh I know he probably went elsewhere, but at least I did not encourage him knowing that he had a family to support. He admitted the debts to me quite readily, and confessed that he did not know how to stop. I told him he needed help, and he agreed, but when he called again, I let it ring.

We are not responsible for our clients lives, but we are human, and a little milk of human kindness is not a failing, as much as some would say it is.

I don't think you'd ever really know.
And even if you did, simply abruptly stopping to see him would only drive him to others. I'd say you should try to give him one or two real therapy sessions before you give up - as a perceptive and intelligent escort, you can always be a bit of a psychologist, can you not?

I have a different but relatively similar situation. I have a client who ran into some legal trouble and is facing huge costs. I know he is fairly well off, but I know it is a big chunk of his net worth that will be gone. But that is the extent of my knowledge. Yet he still wants to continue seeing me for our 2-day trips - he lives on the other side of the continent. We make 3-4 trips a year, and that's a big chunk of cash also.

Do I ask him to lay it off for a year to possibly avoid further compromising his financial position? Do I believe he has shown himself to be a responsible adult, so I trust he knows what he is doing? After all, I know how much our time together means to him...
So far, I made a decision I will keep meeting him, but will always extend our time by an extra day for at least the next year, or two.

Thank you for stopping by,lol.


Thank you for your comments. I agree. I doubt that any of the women that he saw, knew that he was stealing the money.

I would have done the same, if I had a client like yours.


Thank you for your comments. I think in most cases, clients would not reveal that they were having problems.

Your situation is tricky, and I do not feel that I can start to offer advice on what you need to do.

I know what I would do in your situation, but I am not you, and it is irrelevant.

Your client is a responsible adult, and is aware of what he is doing.

There are some things that I feel I cannot ignore, once they are brought into my awareness.

I think in these situations, escorts need to do what feels best for them. This will clearly vary for each individual.
To thais - perhaps seeing you is his way of preserving some sanity?
Somewhat similar to the flip side -- seeing an escort for whom (you suspect) P4P is not a very good option. May be very conflicted, possibly drink too much or take drugs. May have an abusive manager. Do you take it upon yourself to stop seeing her, to avoid what may be indirectly contributing to her problems?

In either situation, it's a tough call. You can keep seeing the person -- perhaps at least ameliorating some of the problem, more so than (her other clients/the other escorts he sees); realize he/she is an adult and deserves the respect of letting him/her make the decision; be a friend. You can step away -- not wanting to contribute to the problem, even if it's not your responsibility; concerned about whether you're rationalizing just for the benefit to you if you continue.

There is no "right" answer. Just what you feel is right for you.


Thank you for your comments. That is my philosophy, do what you feel is best for you.
In reply to Chevalier,

If I meet a girl whom I think is (getting) in trouble, or is unfit for the job, I will gently advise her to seek a coach. I'll ask her if she has talked to an Experienced Lady (I can even name a few, in some areas of UK), or suggest to the girl to find/stay-with some agent I consider "good" (agents...., I know, Jo will flame me for it).

Sometimes I share my thoughts on the girl with one particular Lady, someone that has been mentioned by a lot of my Companions as a good person to talk to.

I will Not re-book the girl just to try and help her as that would encourage her to not change her ways.

Already by even discussing with her, I feel like I'm meddling in things that dont concern me. But sometimes it hurts to see girls going down a path that I consider wrong for them.

IMHO, the escort does not bear any responsibility for the actions of the accountant. She is unlikely to have know that he was swindling the company, let's be frank here, how many times do we here about accountants/bookkeepers defrauding their employers to fund gambling habits, drug addiction or alcohol dependency. The only difference is you substitute escort infatuation. the only exception to this is if she knowingly led him on. In this instance it does not seem to be the case.

Thank you for stopping by.I doubt the escort knew what was going on.
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