Thursday, August 09, 2007

Job centre plus under pressure for escort agency advertisements

It started off with Anne Summers advertising for workers at the Job centre.

Anne summers won its legal fight against a ban on advertising for workers in 2003.

Then we had Raw Angels Escort Agency advertising for dominatrixes.

Now, all you have to do is browse in the Arts and Leisure section at the Job centre, and you will find advertisements for escorts.

Times are changing.

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Escorting is becoming the new Temp-Job. Bored call-centre girls go Escorting to supplement their income. Female students do it to get through uni smoothly. And part-timing adventurous mummies are some of the most Yummi Escorts I've met.

True or False ?
Good or Bad ?

Thank you for your comments. I think they are all true,lol.

Thanks for the acknowledgement, but you pointedly did not answer the 2nd question. I've briefly mentioned something on a recent blog about this.

And frankly, is this the future ?

I will however, maintain my thesis that Part-time Escorts, with a certain life-experience, provive the Best Service. The part-time aspect, I would argue, makes them more relaxed, and keeps them rooted in normal life. It should also prevents the onset of a routine-attitude.

Reactions ? Ideas Anyone ?
(would this make a good board-topic?)
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