Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disclosing your past as a prostitute or stripper

Kim Hollingsworth failed to reveal her job as a prostitute and stripper, and was sacked by the police force.

I wonder who in their right mind would disclose to a prospective employer, that they used to be a stripper or prostitute?

I would like to hear from any women out there, who have, and whether they gained employment.

What puzzles me, is how they found out about her past.

Did she use her real name when she was working as a prostitute, and a stripper?

Had a member of the police force, visited her as a client?

In my view, the stigma around the paid sex industry, is so great, that it will work against you sharing this information with an employer.

If things were that easy, the majority of escorts out there, would use their real names, and show their faces.

I am aware of equal opportunities, but feel that the majority of employers, out there, would not overlook this type of disclosure.

What do you think?

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I have to say, that if it were me, I would not even think about joining the police if I done this!

Sorry to sound so tiny minded but it seems like a pisstake, given the way society views us!

Thank you for your comments. I wonder whether she thought they would not find out about her past.
As a working girl I am discreet. I do not save numbers in my phone unless it is discussed with the client, and only if he sees me for repeat liaisons. When the client leaves my flat, he leaves. End of. If he wishes to return, that is up to him. I will never contact a client afterwards unless something occured during the booking which may prompt a quick email, otherwise.. nothing.

On the other hand, some clients are dreadfully leaky with the gossip about other working girls!

She's been grassed up is my guess.

Its either someone she has seen whilst working, or someone who knew what she was doing previously and has informed the police about her "other jobs".
God Lord, when will society change?? This is truly the oldest profession and the most widely discriminated upon and I'd bet you the people who sacked her participate in some way whether it is via soft porn sites, dating sites that are really not dating sites...

This is truly frustrating because a woman has what men want and men have the money women need to either feed her children, pay for the medical care for a parent, husband etc because women are still under men in society. No matter how much education we obtain, or how intelligent we may be, we will never be on the same pay scale as a man doing the same job (CEO or such). Religion keeps us as second class citizens and this kind of discrimination against the sex industry is just another way of keep us down.

Onward and upward we fight.
This is a really interesting one Nia. I wonder if the same would have happened if she was in the UK? In the US, I can sort of understand it, in that prostitution is illegal, but in the UK I think it would make an interesting test case.

Are any of you working girls employed by Her Majesty's fuzz and would you like to participate in an experiment? No, I thought not... :-)

Livvy xxx
Simply Alexa,

Thank you for your comments.

I do not think society will change in our lifetime. The discrimination is frustrating.


Thank you for your comments. I would not be suprised if the same thing happened in the UK. I think you would be subject to the same background history checks here.
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