Thursday, June 28, 2007

Independent escorts in Australia are up in arms

Independent escorts in Australia fear that the proposed brothel laws will have a negative effect on them.

The council may start paying detectives to have sex again in brothels, to gather evidence against them.

It is amazing that some women continue to work, with the pressure from law enforcement. I imagine that sex workers are not that high on the priority list, in the scheme of things.

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I wonder if the detectives have to volunteer for the "work", or if they are picked to do it.

Imagine going home to the wife after having punted whilst in the course of duty.

Its a dirty job but someone will be dying to do

Thank you for your comments. I have a feeling that most of these detectives, will have no problem if they are picked,lol.
hm, first reaction is: where can I volonteer... Then: so the taxpayer pays for this guy to go get his gun off ...

But it really shows that "escorting" needs to become an accepted, above-board thing.

On a slightly off-topic note: Many of the Ladies I've seen mention at some point that they have one or more "regular" law-enforcement officers as customers.
Is it something they mention as a warning, or do police-officers frequent Working Ladies more then others (wouldnt be surprised, given the macho, the testosteron and adrenaline factors).

Do these relations help the Lady in any way ?

Thank you for your comments,lol.

I do not know, but can only assume that the escorts who have clients who work for the force, may call on them if they have problem.

Maybe, you can go back to the escorts you have seen, and explore that with them :)
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