Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Escorts and Stag Parties

I had a request on Monday for a stag party. I declined the request, as it is not something that I am prepared to do on my own.

I went to a stag party with a number of escorts, when I started escorting. It was a disaster. The men were okay. They had hired a luxury apartment, had caterers in. However, at the end of the evening some of us discovered that money was missing from our handbags. It is difficult in this situtation, to know who took what when. I learned a valuable lesson that night.

I wonder about escorts who are prepared to do stag parties on their own. It raises a number of security issues for me, and I am curious as to how these escorts can feel secure on their own.

Then again, they may do stag parties, with bodyguards on site, which is fine.

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Horrible stressful situations like that do nothing for your confidence in human nature. it could have been anyone who took that money. Probably other girls.

A friend of mine who worked at Spearmint Rhino lapdancing club in Harrogate, was sent down to work the club in London. Another girl stole £3000 from her. It could only have been another girl, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
They sound pretty scary if you ask me. Alpha male mentality. Not a good combo if you ask me.

Thank you for your comments. Yes, it is not something that I would repeat.


Thank you for your comments. I imagine they can get pretty scary. I wonder how some escorts have no problem with them.
So what do you do when you do a stag party? Have sex with all the guests? Does this pay well?
Entre Amigos,

Thank you for stopping by. The stag party I went to, I had sex with one man. The other escorts did a bit of chopping and changing. It really depends on the individual. You discuss what everyone's needs/requirements are before hand.
Hey, girl..I tagged you for a 7 random things about you meme. Wanna play?
I remember I threw enormous catered parties back in the 90's. I would receive perhaps 200-300 guests in my house (I invited the neighbors so they would not call the police on me).

I had "models" working the crowd -- chit chat, hang up coats, etc. NO sex! Just beautiful women who livened things up.

They also kept an eye on people's valuables. That seemed to work very well.

I haven't thrown a party like that in years. Hmmm... It might be time for another bash!
Dr Pepper,

Thank you for your comments. No sex, and loads of models about. I can imagine some people becoming frustrated,lol.
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